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Brick Grillins – Cortisol


Mentally Brick Grillins may have seen better days (See album announcement below song for more info on this), but on the rapping side of things that couldn’t be further from the truth, as he returns with “Cortisol”, one of his best tracks to date. On the song itself we hear Brick unleash a litany of tongue twisting flows over clean cut & hard hitting production, a style that hes found success in the past with. The ultra personal layers to this song, in the form of honest songwriting and audio clips from his therapy sessions, have me very excited to hear his upcoming “East Jenkins” EP. It’s clear this isn’t the same Brick Grillins we heard from last, hopefully the upcoming project will help reveal why?

I also want to give major props to Brick Grillins for addressing mental health issues head on, that’s no easy task for anyone, but especially not with the stigma against speaking openly about it within the Hip/ Hop community. This shit really does effect everyone on some level at some point in life, so if you know anyone struggling with it, do your best to be there for them, it’s a complicated internal struggle.