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DVSN may have officially signed to OVO


The duo of producer Nineteen85 & rumoured singer Daniel Daley appear to have officially inked a deal with OVO Sound. Nineteen85 has collaborated many times in the past with OVO, producing joints like; 0-100, Truffle Butter, My Love and more, so being apart of the label makes sense. Confirmation of the signing comes in typical cryptic OVO form, with 40 posting this:

This photo is the DVSN logo, but changed to OVO’s signature colors of black and gold, with the caption also leading us to belive the deal has been made. Adding to this, the Octobers Very Own official Soundcloud has reposted DVSNs song Too Deep. If you look through OVO’s soundcloud you will notice they only post acts that are signed to them. While no announcement has been made officially, it is safe to say DVSN is now apart of the OVO roster.