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Sean Leon – Fav Rapper/ Hundred Million Religion (Prod. Bijan Amir)


Damn this song really started something, people keep asking me about this so I’m just going to lay out the facts as I know them, no bias.

The first public “disagreement” between Sean Leon and Jazz Cartier occurred after the two dropped a collab track titled “Above The Rim“.

With no evident reason as to why, the relationship soured shortly after the drop, and Sean Leon posted the following on twitter:


and this on Tumblr:


Things were then quiet until Jazz Cartier dropped new track “Pree” a few days ago, which lyrics aim against those enviously watching his moves. The real shade comes in the outro of track, a sample of children singing a “Black Sheep, Black Sheep” lullaby, in reference to Sean Leon and his Black Sheep Crew/ Black Sheep Nirvana album.

Sean Leon took no time to respond, dropping this new song “Fav Rapper/ Hundred Million Religion”. The song takes direct aim at Jazz, with an intro sample of Jazz bigging up Sean’s music back in the day and various jabs at Jazz throughout the song.

And now we should all be up to speed, follow Jazz Cartier & Sean Leon on twitter if you want to watch their next moves, and you should. This beef isn’t the downfall of Toronto rap, its just some fucking good ol rap beef, and their putting it into the music, not some street shit. Were past the screw-faced city shit, this isnt the same.