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Top 25 Favorite Toronto Hip Hop Songs of 2016


As I like to repeat, it’s a one person team here at The6Track, and because of this I don’t feel particularly comfortable or inclined to call anything the “best” of 2016. Instead this is a list of my 25 (ok 26) favorite Toronto Hip Hop songs, no politics, no playing favorites, just tracks I played the living shit out of this year.

I chose not to include music from Drake, The Weeknd or PARTYNEXTDOOR to reflect the spirit of this blog, despite the incredible music they dropped this year. If you think my picks are wack, @ me on twitter and we’ll discuss, without further hold up here’s the playlist IN NO ORDER .

“Akhira Mode” by Mo-G in this playlist is uploaded from an unofficial account, so you can support the official track HERE.

Also my favorite DVSN tracks dropped in 2015, or else they would have been on this list.