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Casper TNG – Before The Storm Hits [EP]

Casper TNG - Before The Storm Hits

From jail, Casper TNG drops a stellar new project titled Before The Storm Hits, what he describes as a pre-ep to his next project No Cosign. Front to back this project runs an incredibly solid 8 songs long, and features the buzzing K Money and RK. Standout tracks include ‘Incredible’, ‘I Belong IN Hollywood’, actually fuck it, the only songs that dont’t have real hit potential are ‘U Not’ and ‘Made Me’, which are still solid. Despite this, but true to his No Cosign Casper nickname, this project has received absolutely no media coverage from any big or notable platforms, which at this point is starting to feel like a conspiracy against him. Something has to change when he’s pulling in some solid numbers, even landing this project at #21 on the iTunes album charts, and releasing quality music. I also posted this on 6ix Wars.