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Drake Teases Potential OVO Fest in London

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All throughout Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” tour, he teased at every stop that he would bring OVO Fest to the loudest city on tour, but the promises felt a little hallow, and the Fest stayed in Toronto. Recently at one of his “Boy Meets World Tour” shows in London, Drake brought up the potential of bringing OVO Fest to London in 2017, however this time around the claims seem plausible. Drake is currently performing a string of 5 shows at the 02 Arena in London, on a wider UK tour, and has collaborated extensively with UK artists over the last year, so if there was a time to broaden the horizons of OVO Fest, it would be now.

But who knows, Drake did say “might have to”. Also in the video Drake said he was off to the studio to finish More Life after the show.


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