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Jazz Cartier Wins Juno


Earlier this week at the 2017 Juno awards in Ottawa, Jazz Cartier won the award of “Rap Recording of The Year” for his 2016 mixtape “Hotel Paranoia”. Taking the stage to accept his award, Jazz took a moment to call out Canadian radio’s bullshit. If you watched the Juno’s on TV and missed this moment, this is because as usual, they didn’t air the reception of the Hip Hop award, which re-enforces a long standing history of neglect towards Canada’s Hip Hop scene by the Juno’s. Thankfully, Cartier doubled down by posting some words on Instagram about the issue: “This means a lot to me but like I said this evening the Canadian radio is gonna have to stop bullshitting and start playing our own on our radio so these kids don’t feel the need to leave to the states in order to make it or get heard. And also @thejunoawards while you guys enjoy all the hip hop in the world at your after parties, next year you gotta have this category filmed on television.

Congratulations are in order to Jacuzzi for both his win, and his will to use the spotlight for the betterment of our culture.

Just now I got something coming for our shit ass FM Radio this summer 😉