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Leila Dey – Black Bouquet [EP]


The day before Valentines, Toronto RnB songstress Leila Dey dropped off her new “Black Bouqet” EP, produced entirely by the city’s own Zepfire. From what I’ve picked up on other websites and some lines in her songs, this project is dedicated to Leila’s sister, who recently passed away. Even in the EP’s most energetic moments, lines like “Lost my sister last year, and I still can’t sleep” (On “Fine By Me”) pull you back into the sobering reality of coping with loss, into the the mind of Leila Dey.

While this project does deal these heavy subjects, Leila brings a whole more to than table than just loss, as she sings about love, lust, music, aspirations, and a range of other themes over the 5 song run length. Beyond that, she exhibits great strengths as both a songwriter, and her usual talents as a vocalist.

My personal favorite off this is “Miles”, but everyone keeps hyping up “Next Factor”.