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Portion – Fif’s World (Music Video)


On September 17, 2017, Fif, real name Anthony Soares was shot dead in the lobby of a Toronto building. His death was widely publicized after Drake posted his sympathies on Instagram, the Toronto police released footage of the incident and TMZ even posted video of the funeral. In a city where rap struggles to get any real coverage, the media was having a field day, but for rapper Portion it was more than a news story.

For him it was like losing a brother, a mentor, and member of his community. So he put pain to pen and the result is his moving tribute track titled ‘Fif’s World’. Since it’s release, the video has garnered considerable local buzz, but I find it puzzling how still most of the publications who shared even the most private times (footage from his funeral) of Fif’s death are nowhere to be seen covering this. Too often are newspapers and blogs ready to post about gun violence victims as if its just a story, but make no effort to shine light on the people who honor them and uplift their memory, and community in the process. Its disappointing, though not surprising.  Frankly I wish someone smarter wrote about this, but with little support from media outside Toronto, I guess I feel like the responsibility falls on me.