Congratulations On Your Pregnancy : Quotes, Messages Wishes

Being a mother is one of the beautiful experiences in the life of a woman. Well, it is not the just a special moment for the mother. But it is a special moment for the friends and relatives of the new mom to be. You feel happy that anyone from your friend’s list or relatives is expecting a Baby. In this article, we are sharing with you all the congratulatory wishes that you can share with all the women who is expecting a Baby. We hope you guys will like all of these wishes.

All of these wishes are filled with the congratulation words for the mom. If you want to wish a good health to the mom and the child then you can share all of these wishes. These wishes will give her a strength to take care of her health and take care of her baby. These wishes will give to new mom to be Postive vibes.

Congratulations on Pregnancy Quotes

The doors of happiness for you and the entire family has opened up in the most beautiful way possible.

Your home is soon going to be filled with new energy, shine, happiness, giggles and the sparkle that the new born baby is going to bring along with.

Heartfelt congratulations are about to spread through the entire house of yours as the little life begins to create a new ever-lasting bond with the entire family.

I wish that every dream that you ever dreamt of will become true with the new little member of your life.

Congratulation on creating that one sweet little treat that you and your family is going to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Blessed is the entire family who is going to be gifted with a new bunch of goodness and happiness in the coming months.

The most beautiful thing that a mother and a new born child share is heart. Congratulations on this delightful love saga.

You are soon going to give life to a new human being who is going to love you till eternity. Congratulations!

Congratulations to you and your new heavenly little angel who is going to glow brighter than the brightest star.

There’s nothing sweeter than the smile and the spark of happiness that radiates from within a soon-to-be mom. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I wish you become the mom of the year and give all the love and happiness to this little angel of yours.

Just like the spring season, I wish that this new beginning is going to be sensational for you and your entire family. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The upcoming days of your life is going to be one of the most memorable days. Live it up to the fullest. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

That little smile when you touch your baby for the first time is a dream come true. Hearty wishes on your pregnancy.

The first kick of your child is going to change your life in the best possible ways. Best wishes on your pregnancy.

Be proud of yourself. You are soon going to give life to a newer version of yourself. What an exciting moment! Happy pregnancy.

A child is a gift and messiah of love and fortune. Feel blessed to be one of those women. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The fact that you are so beautiful from inside in itself speaks volume about the beauty of your new born child. Congratulations!

I heartily wish that you and your baby will have a wonderful time together and bring bundles of joy everywhere.

Not every woman receives this wonderful gift that you are going to possess in the upcoming months. Be proud and responsible at the same time. Hearty congratulations on your pregnancy!

During all these months, every day is going to be a new day with new experiences with the excitement of your child growing inside you. Best wishes!

I wish and hope you get the cutest baby in the world who can make the mommy super proud each day. Hearty congratulations on the pregnancy.

This is not just a baby that you are going to bring along with. This is a bundle of joy and happiness that you are spreading across your family. Congratulations on being pregnant!

Becoming a mother is soon going to change your life and show the world the selfless character of a woman. Congratulations and be proud of yourself.

All these sacrifices, pain and struggle of the months will vanish the second you feel your baby. I hope you cherish those moments to the fullest.

A baby will soon be born and will cherish the arms of the two most beautiful parents I have ever known. Best wishes!

Pregnancy in itself is a beautiful miracle, a miracle that will transform you in the best ways possible for the life ahead! Congratulations!

The beauty of your motherhood will embrace your little child with all its spark very soon. Best wishes on your pregnancy.

I wish you all the very best with the twists and turns of these 9 months that is going to shape your life in incredible ways. Have a beautiful pregnancy journey!

To be a woman and to be a mother are altogether different levels with increased sense of maturity that these pregnancy days are going to bring in. Hearty congratulations on your pregnancy!


Congratulations on Pregnancy
Congratulations on Pregnancy

You were truly a great friend. We are desperately waiting for your upgraded version. Congratulations on pregnancy


Congratulations to the best mom to be the world.



Congratulations to you and the lucky baby who will be born in your home.

Happy to hear that you are expecting a baby. May God Bless you with a beautiful Baby.

Wishes on Becoming A MOM
Wishes on Becoming A MOM

Congratulations soon you will be complete women.


Congratulations on adding a new life to your existing life.

You are expecting a baby. And we assure you the Happiness after.

Thanks for giving us one more chance to be Happy. Have a safe and secure Pregnancy.

We hope you guys liked all of these wishes on the pregnancy, Share all of these inspiring wishes with all the women who are expecting a baby. These wishes will definitely make them happy.