Hi, guys welcome to our website the6track.com. Here we are presenting to you the 50 best happy birthday memes for boys, Girls, friends, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister and other family members.Birthday is the most special day of our life so we are providing you all the best of the best birthday memes.These are very interesting and unique birthday memes.You guys would love to share these birthday memes with your friends and family.Take a look at 50 best happy birthday memes.

Happy Birthday Memes for boys


It happens at lots of occasions when you send birthday wishes to the wrong person that become part of your memory.We are providing you all kind of birthday memes for boys that you can send to your different friends.


To avoid the treats some friends change their birthday date on Facebook before their birthday.Take a look at this meme giving the same example.



This happy birthday meme is dedicated to all the gift greedy boys.

happy-birthday-memesfor-friends-closeYou can tease your friend after their birthday with this fun meme.

You can share this happy birthday meme with the friend who hides his age.

Happy Birthday Memes for girls

We have all the birthday memes for girls. You can share all these funny birthday memes for girls with girls, these unfunny memes will be liked by all of them.

This happy birthday meme for a girl is very flirty one you can share all these images with your girlfriend or your crush.happy-birthday-memes-for-girls


And if you have a girlfriend then do not dare to forget her birthday.Below shown birthday meme is showing exactly your girlfriends’ reaction when you forget their birthday.



Sometimes Facebook reminds us of her birthday here is birthday meme for that situation.






Girls always hide their age and this is Happy birthday memes for girls is explaining just that situation.



Happy Birthday Memes for friends.HAPPY-BIRTHDAY-MEMES-FOR-friends

Sometimes our friends also arrange surprise parties for us.This happy birthday meme for friends is for that same kind of friends who after party ask us to pay the bills.

Happy birthday memes for friends on exchanging gifts.

Sometimes our foodie friends join us in the party and then we just wait for the birthday cake to come to us.This happy birthday meme is depicting that kind of situation.

In our busy schedule some time we couldn’t go to our friends to wish them a happy birthday directly for so in that case we have this beautiful meme in which a friend is wishing  happy birthday to another friend and feeling lonely.



Happy Birthday Memes for moms


A wish made to mom is always very special.In your childhood, your mother used to arrange for your birthday party.So we have this birthday memes for moms.Dedicated to all the moms of the world for their unconditional love.

Take a look at all these birthday memes for Moms that will make your day and also increase your love for your moms.


A happy birthday meme for mom with a great message.


This cute little toddler is saying happy birthday to mom and wants her to change his diaper

You always make excuses when your mother teaches us.So on her birthday you have the greatest chance of escape from the study and have fun.

Happy Birthday Memes for Dad

Donald trump is always ahead when it comes to making memes.Here we are presenting to you all the birthday memes for your dad. Your dad will find it really funny .

in the below happy birthday meme for dad small toddler is looking surprised after watching his dad’s full name on the birthday cake.Before that, he used to thought his dad’s name is Dad.

Trump comes again for the happy birthday memes for dad.

The small toddler saying happy birthday to his dad in this happy birthday memes is for dad.


We know that Donald Trump always says believe me in this happy birthday meme for dad, he is saying the same.


Happy Birthday Memes for the wife.

Have a look at this Happy birthday memes for the wife.Trump is saying happy birthday and asking for the birthday cake.

happy-birthday-memes -for-wife


When it comes to the first bite of the birthday cake everybody wants that first bite.And in birthday cakes, the first byte is given to the most special one.For a wife who could be so special other than the husband hence husband  is getting angry in this happy birthday memes for the wife.

happy-birthday-memes -for-wife

Happy birthday memes for wife can’t be complete without this Dwayne Johnson memes.

happy-birthday-memes -for-wife

Wives always try to hide their age but they can’t hide their age from their husband this pic is depicting the same.

happy-birthday-memes -for-wife

Now brack Obama joins the party with his happy birthday memes.

happy-birthday-memes -for-wife

Happy Birthday Memes for Husband.

happy-birthday-memes -for-husband

This section is dedicated to all the happy birthday memes for the husband.Take a look at all these funny memes and share your feedback.You guys will surely like all these birthday memes for husbands.

happy-birthday-memes -for-husband

Every wife wants to become the very first person who will wish her husband happy birthday .This happy birthday meme for the husband is depicting the same.

happy-birthday-memes -for-husband

Take a look at these funny happy -birthday memes for the husband.

happy-birthday-memes -for-husband

Happy Birthday Memes for Grandmom

We have a very large collection of happy birthday memes for the Grandmom, take a look at all these happy birthday memes for grandmoms.



Grandmoms mostly use a false tooth set.Take a look at this happy birthday memes for grandmom commenting on the false tooth set.


Take a look at these cute happy birthday meme for grandmom in which a toddler is surprised after watching the number of candles on the grandmom’s birthday cake.




These Happy birthday memes for the grandmother is just too cute.


Only a grandmom can remember the birthday of all of us.She is probably the only one who never uses Facebook but remembers everybody’s birthday.




Happy Birthday Memes for Grandfather


Ha ha ha, so true if we put same number candles as the age of our grandpa on the birthday cake of our grandpa then cost of candles will definitely increase the price of the cake.


Nice happy birthday meme for grandfather and a naughty one also.


Share this beautiful happy birthdays meme for a grandfather with your foodie grandpa.



We hope you liked all of the happy birthday memes.These are the best happy birthday memes that we are providing you.After watching all these memes you must have felt that all the happy birthday memes are unique and relevant too.We always try to provide you all the best content.Add some humor in your birthday wishes with these happy birthday memes.You can download all these birthday memes for free from here.You can directly share all these happy birthday memes with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, and all other social media platform.Enjoy all these beautiful happy birthday memes.

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