40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

The arrival of a baby girl in a family is the most auspicious moment for them. It is considered lucky to welcome a baby girl for most of the families. The advent of a baby girl simply adds color to her family’s world due to their overwhelming charm and innocence even if she is just a tiny bud. Peoples who adore the girl child the most will do anything to mark the special angel’s entry to their lives memorable which is to be last forever. As a child, the baby girl gets all love and care and is the apple of every family members’ eye. She is regarded to be the shadow of her mother and the cute Princess to her father. The maximum number of parents are more protective towards their girl child rather than a boy child.

This article is to share wonderful ideas and ways to wish your little Princess in an impressive manner so that you can send your heartfelt wishes of your own baby girl on her special day i.e.on her birthday. Moreover, this also helps you to send birthday wishes to your friends or relatives if he or she is blessed with a baby girl or on the birthday of their girl child. These are the unique and best birthday wishes which you can send to the birthday girl along with your true blessings which will be bestowed upon the little bundle of joy. Moreover, the parents of the girl will be equally happy to see these birthday wishes which is meant for their child. Just take a look at these finest collections of birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

The almighty has a special gift for you on your birthday- May you shine like a star.

God has sent you his best angels to guide and protect you on this big day.

Chocolates, cakes and ice-creams might be your biggest treat for your birthday but our love is the sweetest gift for our little angel forever.

On this day God has sent us a bundle of joy- you as a most precious gift.

This is the day where my little angel will turns new pages of life……. I pray that all your pages of life be filled with love, care and bright colors.

You are priceless as a diamond, beautiful as a flower who spreads fragrance of love just like the rose spreads eternal fragrance. Happy Birthday to the little Princess ….. may all your wish come true.

One smile of yours erases all our worries and tension. Happy Birthday to our angel which sent by God as the world’s most precious gift to us.

My soul is attached to my baby girl…. I wish all the happiness of this world is bestowed upon my angel…. Happy Birthday to my sweet angel.

My love for your is precious and chiding you is out of the question. In future, you will be the reason for my pride. Happy Birthday my dear girl.

On this certain day, God has answered my wishes and sent you in my lap as the world’s biggest happiness ever. May your birthday lasts forever to celebrate the arrival of you.

Since past one year you have filled our world with color and fun. We wish our daughter on her forthcoming birthday.

Darling… you are so dear to us that every day is a celebration for us after your arrival in our lives. Happy Birthday to our cute baby girl.

If social networking sites allow millions of pictures to be liked in a single day, then I would like your picture million times because you are the one among the millions. Let your birthday be unique among the millions.

Heartiest birthday wishes to the new member of our family… Happy Birthday to the princess of our home.

Happy Birthday to the cutest baby in the world.

All the sleepless nights for us in order to comfort you is worthful for a sweet angel like you. Happy Birthday to our baby daughter.

Our future baby girl… As you open your eyes to this world the angel of happiness and good health may guard you after your arrival. Happy Birthday in advance dear.

May our baby angel embrace the bright future, good health, and prosperity after she comes to this world and enjoys every moment of life. Warm birthday wishes for the little one.

May your birthday is filled with cheerful smiles and delicious treat. Happy Birthday my girl.

I am a guardian for my daughter to protect her from the mean and cruel world. But if it is happiness what you get from the world, I am here with you to celebrate it. Happy birthday to my little one.

May you smile and be refreshed like the flowers of spring and the arrival of your birthday makes you smile even more. Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby girl in this world.

Heartfelt congratulations to you on the first day of your life. Abundant love, happiness and good fortune comes your way and be your constant companion throughout your life. Happy first birthday to the baby girl whom we love so much.

The joy of having you as our first child is the pleasure of doing whatever we can do to make you happy. How lucky we are to be the proud parents of our baby girl. Happy Birthday to our baby.

You are the eternal gift sent to us from heaven. Your arrival has given us the strength to live more and witness you grow into a graceful lady. Happy Birthday to our sweet baby grandchild.

Happy Birthday to the most adorable baby girl. May long life and good health knock your doorstep.

Priceless as diamond and beautiful as a pearl. We wish a Happy Birthday to a cute little girl. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

When you smile, we forget all our Stress. Happy Birthday to mother’s angel and Dad’s Princess.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

I am attached to you from the bottom of my soul. Happy Birthday to my daughter, My cute little doll.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

I will always love you and never will chide. When you will get old you will be the reason be my Pride.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

God has gifted me with a cute toddler. Now I admit that he a great modeler.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

You have filled our life with fun. Congratulations to you on turning one.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

You are our darling you are so dear. We congratulate you on completing one year. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

When I want to have thousands of likes on my Picture. Then I click it with you.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

Happy Birthday wishes to the newest yet a special member of the family.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

A cute guy who can still walk with inner. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to the cutest girl ever.

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