Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend – Quotes & Messages

A girlfriend obviously holds a special place in your heart. She’s the one who teaches you how to live, how to love and how to enjoy them both. She’s half the reason for your anger but is also the whole reason for your happiness. For her special day, you don’t ever want to hold back. After all, She made your life special, you should make her special day the most special you can. For all the people who love their girlfriend more than they can express, we are here to help you to express your love for your special lady on her special day. You can get all the gifts in the world but if you can’t present it right, with the right words and wishes, you might as well have not gotten any gifts.

For all the perfect boyfriends who want to make sure that everything is perfect, here are some birthday wishes to add that special cherry on top.

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  • The happiest birthday to the reason of my happiness, I hope your day and year go amazingly well!
  • Your birthday makes me happier than you because it gives me a chance to shower you with love without you being able to tell me no. Happy birthday and get ready for the best day ever!
  • Happy birthday to the loveliest girlfriend ever. Your every day deserves to be your special day.
  • Happy birthday to the prettiest girl in the world. God definitely gave his best when he tried to make you.
  • To the finest thing in my life, to the one who aged like fine wine, to the one as classy as you, a classy birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl ever. Your beauty makes it look like age is just a number, and that number doesn’t even seem to change for you!
  • It’s a crime against humanity that you’re so perfect because everyone else looks so bad in comparison to you. Happy birthday to the perfect lady!
  • Waking up next to you for the first time is when I understood every single love song ever. Happy birthday to the meaning of my life!
  • Passion was just a word for me before I met you, after I met you, it has become my state of life. Happy birthday to the love of my life!
  • Love is a very strong emotion and thank you for making me strong enough to feel that. Happy birthday to my one and only.
  • It’s easy to tell someone that you love them, but to feel the love without saying it is special. Happy birthday my special lady.
  • Your love and my stupid balance out to make our relationship perfect. Happy birthday to my love.
  • Everyday is special with the right person, and you make my everyday special. Here’s to your extra special day, happy birthday dear.
  • Every morning I thank God and then Cupid to have made us fall in love. Every morning I’m thankful to you being in my life. Happy birthday to my perfect girlfriend.
  • It takes a special person to join that space between ‘girl’ and ‘friend’. Here’s a happy birthday to my special person.
  • Like two pieces of a puzzle, your love completes me and makes me whole. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
  • I wish you all the happiness, all the joy, all the love in the world. It’s your special day so you should enjoy the most! Happy birthday to my dear girlfriend!
  • Wishing you a day as beautiful as you, a week as amazing as you, a month as awesome as you and a year as lovely as you. Happy birthday to my dear girlfriend.
  • Being with you makes me the happiest person on earth. I wish you the happiest birthday ever and hope every year makes it better and better.
  • I am Wishing you at Midnight
    Please accept the Birthday greetings
    I have a surprise gift for you
    Just ,Wait for the Tommorrow’s Meeting
    Happy Birthday Girl
  • You are So awesome
    You are too sweet
    I love that moment
    When we Meet.
    Happy Birthday Love
  • Our Relation is so strong
    Because our love is so true
    Your Boyfriend want to say
    Happy Birthday to You.
  • Tomorrow is Your Birthday
    You will Receive lot of wishes
    Don’t accept the same words from me
    I will wish you with lots of Kisses.
    Happy Birthday Girl
  • When I meet you girl,
    My Heart Start Beating
    Happy Birthday to you.
    sending you lovely greetings.
    Happy Birthday Girl
  • You are Charming as a star
    and, Beautiful than roses.
    My life can never be completed
    Without your love doses.
    Happy Birthday Girl
  • That Moment was so special
    when you said Hi.
    You are the one person in my life.
    I never want to say Good Bye.
    Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend - Quotes & Messages

If there was a competition on sweetness on Your Birthday. I am sure that you will be a winner and the cake will be runner up. Happy Birthday Girl

I was born two decades ago. But I started living when I met you. Happy Birthday Love

Birthday wishes for girlfriend
Birthday wishes for girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Quotes for your Love

  • You started off as my desire and my love and now you’ve become my need and my life. Happy birthday to my Queen.
  • The blush of your cheeks when you get flustered, the smile you give when you get compliments, the silly laugh you do when you’re happy, all those are just a few of the million reasons I fell in love with you. Happy birthday to the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • I truly believed that God existed when I saw you for the first time, because surely someone as beautiful as you couldn’t be anything less than God’s own handiwork. Happy birthday to my love.
  • Happy birthday to my love, my life and my laugh. You’re the reason for my smile and my joy, and on your birthday I want to make sure you smile all day.
  • If only you could see yourself through my eyes one day, then you could understand just how perfect you are. Until then, happy birthday my clueless love.
  • I failed my English exam because we had to define love and I just wrote your name. Happy birthday to my love.
  • I could buy you all the flowers and chocolates in the world but that still wouldn’t be enough to appreciate how amazing you are. Happy birthday to the most amazing girlfriend ever.
  • I was taught that true love doesn’t exist by my friends who were heartbroken. I was taught true love only exists when you want it to, by you. Thank you for opening my eyes, and a happy birthday to the true love of my life.
  • I didn’t fall in love with you because we never fight. I fell in love with you because even when we fight you always make me smile after that and calm me down. Happy birthday to my imperfect perfect love.
  • I never dreamed of being someone’s first kiss, I always dreamed of being someone’s last. But you came along and I was lucky enough to be your first and last kiss. Happy birthday to my forever.
  • The only number which can tell you how much I love you is infinity. Happy birthday to my sweet girlfriend!
  • You took my breath away when I saw you so I’ll let my gift do the talking. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous lady I know.

Funny Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

  • Your birthday and my love for you is the secondary reasons I’m here. The primary reason I’m here is for the cake. Happy birthday!
  • I would say with age comes wisdom but you’re still as clueless as when we first met. Happy birthday to my cute little girlfriend
  • The funny thing about birthdays with you is that you always get the first piece of the cake, whether it’s mine or your birthday. Happy birthday to my ever hungry girlfriend.
  • Your friends have made me run all around town to get you a perfect birthday gift so you better appreciate it. Happy birthday to my grumpy Queen.
  • I know pleasing you is impossible so just please keep your disappointment to a minimum. Happy birthday to a grumpy little princess.
  • Here’s to the celebration of you getting older where none of us are allowed to say you’re old. Happy birthday to the girlfriend who never ages apparently.
  • After feeding you all year, today’s the day where I feed you and give you gifts as well! Happy birthday to my princess.
  • You already have my heart, my soul, my life and me. What more can I gift you? Happy birthday to the one who owns my life and love. I love you.
  • After worrying about your birthday for 2 months, you annoying me about it for 1 month and your friends making me run around for the entire time, finally the day ended. Here’s a happy birthday to the reason of this tornado in my life, I love you.
  • Do you know the secret of why you don’t get fat even after eating so much and being lazy? It’s because I’m not allowed to say it! Happy birthday and don’t kill me!
  • It’s said good things come to those who wait. I’m glad I waited till you came in my life but sometimes I wonder, should I have waited more? I’m just kidding and I love you, happy birthday to my perfect lady!
  • By the logic, the longer you wait the hotter you date, I’m glad you came in my life when you did because otherwise, I’d literally be dating a small fireplace. Happy birthday to the hottest girl I know.
  • Nature is beautiful, so I wonder what supernatural force made you. Happy birthday to my love.

Birthday Wish for Long Distance Girlfriend

  1. Everyday I miss you but today I’m missing your birthday. If only I could come over as easily as my gifts do. Happy birthday to my love.
  2. I know distance will never matter in our relationship because the miles is still less than how much I love you.
  3. When you moved away from me we promised to never let go. Here’s a happy birthday to the one who never left my side, even without being by my side.
  4. I knew it was true love when even after partying and having fun all day my highlight of the day is that hazy video call with you at night. Happy birthday my love.
  5. If I let such a small thing like distance take away my love for you then it was never love in the first place. I love you, and will always love you no matter where you are. Happy birthday to my love, and the worldwide connection we share.
  6. I’m somewhat happy with the distance we share because it makes me look forward to even meeting you. Every single meeting with you is as special as it can be. I know the goodbyes are tough but it only makes our love stronger. Happy birthday to my love, and forever.
  7. I know that sleeping late to talk to you will make me regret it in the morning, but you know what? I’ve never ever regretted a tired morning if it meant I spent some extra minutes with you at night. Happy birthday to my girlfriend, I love you.
  8. Everyone told me a long distance relationship would never work. I just feel sorry for all those people who don’t get to experience a beautiful relationship like it. I know our love will not fade because of the distance and I know not everyone can do it. Which is why, here’s a happy birthday to my special lady.
  9. To my girlfriend, I want to say sorry I’m not always there for you, I want to say sorry for not being available all the time and I feel bad you can’t cry on my shoulder at all times. But I want to tell you, I’ll always be a call away, you’ll always be my first priority and I’ll always be there to comfort you. Happy birthday to the better half of this imperfect relationship.
  10. For some distance is covered in miles. For us, distance is covered by smiles. A single smile from you is all I need to feel all the distance between us melt away and be right next to you. Happy birthday my love.
  11. The Sun and Earth have a perfect relationship. If any of them were closer it wouldn’t work out. Distance doesn’t always mean that things won’t work out. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
  12. Distance is just a small obstacle we have to work through. Nothing ever stopped me from loving you and surely a few miles is not enough. I love you and always will. Happy birthday!
  13. I know there will be a day where I will wake up next to you everyday. But until then let us view this distance between us as a chance to love each other more later. Happy birthday to my love.