Happy Sweet 16 Quotes | 16th Birthday Wishes

Sixteen is the most happening time of life. It is the time when you start to feel like adults being on the threshold of childhood. It can rather be called as a pre-adulthood. From giving up on video games or toys to beginning to find other boys or girls attractive, sixteen has very crazy memories attached to it. It is called sweet for the very reason. If your near or dear one is soon turning sixteen then you should definitely send them wishes to make this phase of life more exciting for them. Here, are some of the wishes you can send them and make their day beautiful:

Happy Sweet 16 Quotes

  • At 16, there are a lot of things you will discover about yourself. Enjoy this phase of life to the fullest because it is never going to repeat. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to you.
  • May your 16th birthday be full of adventures just the way you want it. Happiest 16th birthday to you. Enjoy.
  • This is the most fun age of your life and I am sure you will have a blast on the day. Happy 16th
  • You are growing up into a gentle and kind person and I cannot wait to celebrate this 16th year with you. Happy Birthday.
  • Have loads of fun with your friends today and make this 16th birthday count. Happy Birthday, kiddo. Enjoy!
  • It’s finally the time to do all the things that you dreamt of as an adult. Happy 16th, my friend. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Happy 16th birthday, dear. You are growing up into a brave and courageous human. Have a blast.
  • Wish you a life full of excitement, adventure and joys. Make this 16th Happy birthday.
  • I wish this 16th birthday be the sweetest for you. Happiest Birthday, dear.
  • Wish you abundant happiness and love on your special day. Happy 16th
  • 16th is like middle age and people of your age want to grow up fast. Take is slow. Enjoy the process and have a blast today. Happy Birthday.
  • May you explore infinite opportunities and adventures on your 16th Happy Birthday.
  • You are almost grown up now. Make sure to behave like one. Enjoy your the day. Happy 16th.
  • As a 16, you have already achieved so much in life that I cannot wait to see how much you are going to accomplish as a 16+. Happy birthday, dear.
  • On this 16th birthday be the sweetest version of yourself. Happy Birthday.
best Happy Sweet 16
best Happy Sweet 16
  • You have completed 16 years
    you are already in trend
    You look so beautiful
    Boys will wish to make you girlfriend
    Happy Sweet 16 Birthday.
Happy Sweet 16 messages
Happy Sweet 16 messages
  • Your beauty is so charming
    Just like the blossomed rose
    Your looks are so fascinating
    attracting every boy to come close
    Happy Sweet 16 Birthday.
  • Your beauty is angelic
    making everyone to wonder
    Your one look is enough
    to make a guy surrender
    Happy Sweet 16 Birthday
Happy Sweet 16 quotes
Happy Sweet 16 quotes
  • You always looked so cute
    when you were a teen
    now you will turn young
    And look like a beauty queen
    Happy Sweet 16 Birthday

Cute 16th Birthday Wishes

  • I wish you tons of birthday cakes, bumps and gifts on this day. Happy 16th birthday, dear. Enjoy!
  • May your life be full of balloons and sweets this year. Happiest 16th birthday, buddy. Have a blast!
  • Completing 16th is a huge milestone. Congratulations to you for this. Happy 16th, kid.
  • Wish you loads of happiness and love. Happy 16th Enjoy!
  • Light 16 candles today and make 16 wishes for the day. I wish that your every wish comes true. Happy Birthday.
  • Become the sweetest version of yourself on your sweet 16. Happy birthday.
  • This day is all about enjoyment. Have a blast with your friends. Happy Birthday.
  • On this day I wish that you always be this innocent and bubbly. Happy 16th Enjoy!
  • Live your 16th birthday to the fullest. Make it memorable. Happy 16th
  • May this day be full of love, warmth, and happiness. Happy 16th, dear. Enjoy!

Funny 16th Birthday Wishes

  • Now, you are an adult and you can do all the things you desire. Kudos, buddy. Happy 16th
  • 16th is nothing but sleeping like a child and waking up as an adult. Happy Birthday.
  • Adulthood comes with responsibilities and 16th birthday makes you realize them. Happy 16th birthday, dear.
  • 16th is a great phase because you are an adult with freedom. Happy 16th birthday to you. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  • You might be very excited for your 16th birthday and all the gifts but I am not getting you one. Just kidding. Have a blast today. Happy birthday.
  • 16th is that phase when everyone will expect you to be adult with being dumb at the same time. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy!
  • You can do whatever you want to today. Choose wisely. Happy 16th
  • 16th birthday comes with sheer excitement. It is first step towards adulating. Welcome to the club. Happy Birthday.
  • You are officially an adult now and I hope that you start acting like one. Happy 16th
  • I wish this 16th birthday bring some maturity in your dumb mind. Happy birthday.

Sentimental 16th Birthday Wishes

  • I cannot believe you have grown up into such a wonderful kid. Happy 16th, child. God bless you!
  • I still remember the little you and look at you now. I am proud of you. Happy 16th
  • From being such a naughty kid to the most generous grown up, you have shown great transition. I cannot be more proud. Happy 16th birthday to you.
  • You are such a brilliant child and I cannot wait you turning into a gentleman. Happy 16th
  • You cannot simply call yourself a teen because you are more than that. Happy 16th
  • You are one gifted child. The others of your age have no clue about their life when you are focussing on doing good. Happy 16th birthday, dear. I am very proud of you.
  • There are a lot of things I can say about you but I like your maturity the most. You are too mature for a 16 year old. Always keep it real. Happy 16th
  • May your 16th birthday let you explore the world. Happy 16th
  • On this day I wish that you aspire everything you desire. Happy birthday.
  • Your life is changing for the better and your 16th birthday is a proof of it. Happy birthday.

Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • You were the naughtiest kid of the family and I was always worried about you but now I can say proudly then you are one mature and gentle person. Happy sweet 16th birthday, my son. I love you!
  • I cannot ask more from God. You are my biggest blessing from him. Happy birthday, son.
  • I was the happiest person on the planet the day you were born. I wish you always stay happy and keep making others happy. Happy 16th.
  • Everything has changed. Your previous birthdays were about balloons and today those are all about dance floor and loud music. Happy birthday, son. Enjoy the day!
  • I am blessed to have a son like you. You are my dream come true. Thanks for being in my life. Happy 16th birthday, son. May God bless you!
  • The thing I liked about you most is that you never took advantage of the love you were showered with rather you respected it. Happy 16th birthday, son. Always be the way you are.
  • No matter how old you get, you will always be my toddler. Wish you a very happy 16th I love you!
  • You are turning into a fine young man. We are all proud of you. Happy 16th
  • I can clearly your potential at this age, son. You are going to make all of us proud. Happy 16th
  • Your wit and intelligence are extraordinary. You make a wonderful son. Happy 16th

Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • From playing with Barbie dolls and teddy bears, to learning about make-up. You have grown up so fast. Happy sweet 16th birthday, my child. I love you!
  • My little girl is now a lady. I cannot be more proud. Happy 16th birthday, dear.
  • On this 16th birthday, I want you to believe in yourself and love yourself no matter what. You are slowly becoming an adult and I know you will turn into an elegant lady. Happy 16th
  • You have grown up to become such an outstanding woman. Happy 16th Lots of love!
  • You are my most beautiful flower. Always be who you are. Happy 16th
  • I wish only happiness for my sweet little 16 daughter. May you be blessed with abundant happiness in life. Happy birthday, child.
  • My love for you is for keeps. Happy 16th birthday, daughter. I love you.
  • I remember telling you bedtime stories and now you are all grown up. I am very overwhelmed today. Happy Birthday.
  • Only a few people are blessed with daughters in this world and I feel lucky to be one of them. Thank you for being in my life. Happy 16th
  • You are the reason behind my happiness. Always keep smiling. Happy sweet 16th.

Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes for Friends/Relatives

  • Happy 16th birthday, my friend. Where’s my party?
  • So, you have finally entered the pre-adulthood club. I can tell you that it is going to be one fun ride. Happy 16th birthday, buddy. Have a blast today.
  • On this 16th birthday I wish that you grow up into a gentle and kind person. Happy birthday. Much love from your aunt.
  • Life is changing, right? Don’t worry because it is changing only for good. Happy 16th
  • You are officially an adult today. How do you feel? I wish adulthood treats you well. Happy 16th
  • Gone are the carefree days. You are soon going to be laden with responsibilities. Happy 16th
  • Sweet 16 is sweet for a reason. You will know it soon. Happy 16th birthday, friend.
  • I am quite disappointed because I haven’t received the invitation yet. Happy 16th
  • Happy 16th birthday to my best friend ever. May our friendship last forever.
  • On this day I wish that you always be humble and kind even at the worst of times. Happy 16th