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The multi-talented Rexdale rapper/ singer Pyrex has officially announced that he’s inked a deal with Def Jam Records. Big congrats to him and his team.


UPDATE: Pressa, Puffy L’z, and Smoke Dawg will open up for the remainder of the Boy Meets World tour, with a little more than 10 shows left, this is a truly incredible look. I remember seeing Halal Gang perform “Still”, for what I believe was the first time, at Ramriddlz debut show. Now within these next 10 shows t

It seems like half of Toronto is over in the UK right now, and clearly Drake took notice, inviting some of our hottest rising talent to open for the first Boy Meets World tour stop in Birmingham. This is for all those who talk like Drake doesn’t do shit for the city, just take in this was Pressa’s first performance EVER, and it was in front of 15,000 people. Unfortunately the videos available online of these moments are less than stellar, but we’ll just have to make due for the time being.

Smoke Dawg performing unreleased track



Tonight is the special OVO Sound Radio “More Life” episode, and still some of you don’t know how to tune in, but thats alright because I got you covered.

What time will OVO Sound Radio be on tonight?: This episode is scheduled to go live at 6pm EST/ 10pm GMT/ 3pm PT/

Do you need pay for Apple Music to stream Beats 1/ OVO Sound Radio? No, you actually don’t need an Apple music subscription to use Beat 1 Radio (Which is what OVO Sound Radio is hosted on)


How To Listen: Click here for direct link to Beats 1 Radio (To re-iterate: this is where OVO Sound Radio will be played on)

Listening on iPhone: Head to your music app, which comes loaded on to every iPhone. Click on the tab that says “radio”. On the very top of the Radio tab, it should say “Listen Now” somewhere, just click that and your golden. If you tune in before the official start, the radio tab will likely not give any mention of OVO Sound Radio, which is not to worry, if you are listening to Beats 1, you are in the right place.

Listening on Android: You will need to download the Apple music android app. You will need to already have an iTunes ID, if you do not you must download iTunes on desktop  and create an account. Once these steps have been completed, simply go to the Radio tab, and click “Listen now” on the “On Air Now” feature that will be at the front of the Radio tab.

Listening on Computer: This is my preferred method of listening. You will need to have iTunes downloaded (Download Here), and an iTunes account already made. Simply go to the radio tab that should appear on the top middle bar on iTunes. Then click on the big “Listen Now” button that is overlayed on the Beats 1 logo, this should appear on the front middle of the radio tab.

If you are listening on your computer and you click listen now, and it doesnt work, the following is a common solution. You just need to authorize your computer, which you can read a short tutorial on HERE.

Un-authorized streams: While I don’t condone using unauthorized streams, and it is much easier to use one of the ways listed above, I don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to listen to Views with the rest of the world. These sites aren’t guaranteed to work, and may experience down time during the stream you can potentially listen HERE, or HERE and HERE. I cannot guarantee any of which will work.