10 Easter Symbols and Their Meanings

Easter is an important occasion for the Christian community across the world. Christians celebrate Easter to remember the resurrection of Jesus- the son of God. Moreover, the celebration of Easter also denotes the celebration of the spring festival. The celebration of spring comes even before the arrival of Christianity in the world. This holy festival is associated with various symbols and representations. These symbols and representations are the mix of Pagan culture, Judaism, and Christianity. You will get to see these symbols, for example, decorative Easter eggs, lilies, palm branches, etc are decorated in the altar of the churches and also in the homes of the Christian community. But there are many peoples who do not understand the meaning of these Easter symbols.

Moreover, the celebration of spring came after the last supper of Jesus or the Passover according to the Jewish calendar. In addition to this, the term “Easter” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Fertility -Eostre. So, in this way Easter is related to Pagan cultures and Judaism.

Here are the brief aspect of 10 Easter symbols

10 Easter Symbols and Their Meanings

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs plays a significant role since it is the symbol of fertility, beginning of new life and also the symbol to mark the arrival of spring. These eggs are decorated to make the people understand the significance of Easter Celebration.

Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are associated with bringing food for the human beings as blessings of God. This Catholic custom is similar to Pagan rituals which signify good harvest.



Hares are also an important part of the Easter festivals since it is believed that Hares lay colorful eggs on Thursday which is a day before the Easter celebration. So, that is why Easter eggs are decorated with colors.


Lilies are mainly used for decoration since it signifies purity, honesty, and resurrection. These are the most favored flowers in Easter than any other spring flowers because its pure white color is great for Easter since it is pure and the emergence of this flower in spring is great for Easter.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns are among the traditional Easter goodies which are baked first on this special day to be served on the day of Good Friday.

Easter Candles

Easter candles are used to mark the re-birth of Jesus since it is known as the light of God. Churches light mass candles of this day. It also signifies new hope and beginning in the world and also it eradicates darkness from the world.

Easter Lamb

Easter lamb represents Jesus since he is the greatest lamb.

Palm Branches

Palm branches are used by the Catholic churches since this is the symbol of the arrival of Jesus. It is believed that the people of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus’ first arrival by waving palm branches.


Cross is an important Easter symbol since it symbolizes new hope and life and also not to forget the sacrifices made by Jesus.


The butterfly is also the most important Easter symbol since it is the representation of the life of the Christ. The butterfly’s initial stage symbolizes Christ’s presence on Earth, the cocoon represents Christ’s death at the cross and burial and finally, its birth symbolizes Christ’s re-birth.