Happy Maundy Thursday 2019 Quotes & Pictures

Easter celebration begins with Palm Sunday. The next event after Palm Sunday is Maundy Thursday. It is one of the holy days when Jesus had his last supper with his followers. It is the day before the crucifixion of Jesus. On this day, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples showing his humility and service.

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Happy Maundy Thursday Quotes

  • Today is Maundy Thursday and we commemorate his last supper within hours Judas betrays. Happy Maundy Thursday to you!
  • Jesus washed the feet and offered lamb to his disciples. He shows us that humility stands above all. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Take name of Jesus and follow his path. He will never lead you astray. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Jesus took bread, broke it between two, and offered it to his disciples. He always thought of others before him. Let us all remember him and rejoice. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Selflessness and humility is the only key to win in life and Jesus is the perfect example of it. Happy Maundy Thursday to you and your family!
  • Remember him and say Hallelujah. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • As he washes our feet and offers us food, we should remember the love he has in his hearts for us. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Happy Maundy Thursday to you and your family. Celebrate the day with your loved ones and rejoice.
  • Happy Maundy Thursday to you. May you celebrate this Easter weekend with divinity.
  • Jesus taught us to love each other despite our differences. May we always remember this and follow his path. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • May God’s mercy and forgiveness bless mankind. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • May his blessings and love envelope you and never leave. Happy Maundy Thursday to you!
  • On this holy Thursday, may you always find him wherever you go. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Jesus did not just offer a piece of lamb but he offered himself on the last supper. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Don’t ask God take away your problems but ask him to show the right path. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Be thankful to Jesus and love him regardless. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • We are blessed to have Jesus in our life. Let his love guide our way. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • Maundy Thursday teaches us about unconditional love. May we always respect his love above everything.
  • Love him and he will love you back tenfold. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • May this Easter weekend brings lots of happiness in your life. Happy Maundy Thursday!
  • I have given you a model to follow so that as I have done for you, you should also do.
  • He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them saying “this is my body given for you do this in remembrance of me.”
  • Sometimes it is when you wash other people’s feet that you find the lord.

Maundy Thursday images

Maundy Thursday quote
Maundy Thursday quote

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Happy Maundy Thursday 2019 Quotes & Pictures


Happy Maundy Thursday Wishes
Happy Maundy Thursday Wishes