Happy Palm Sunday 2019 Quotes

Easter Week has begun and so as the celebrations. The first day of the holy week is Palm Sunday. It is celebrated in the memory of Jesus entry into Jerusalem. When Jesus entered Jerusalem he was riding a donkey. The roads of Jerusalem were rocky so people covered them with Palm leaves for a smooth ride.

On this auspicious day, people gather in many countries and take a march to the Church by holding Palm branches in their hand. If you are looking to wish someone on this day then we are providing you with messages that you can send and rejoice. Easter is all about spreading happiness. So, share this happiness with the world by sending them heartfelt wishes.

Palm Sunday 2019 Quotes & Messages

  • Believe in him and he shall never disappoint. Happy Palm Sunday to you!
  • Rejoice in the Lord this Palm Sunday and feel the happiness. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • May Lord bless you with joy and happiness for a lifetime. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Palm Sunday is not just about holding palm leaves and marching. It is about remembering him and his presence. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • May this Palm Sunday you feel his presence and rejoice. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • The holy week has begun. May you be blessed with happiness and love. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Palm Sunday shows our love for him. It is a great day to show how much he means to us.
  • God asks for nothing but love. Remember him in your prayers and love him with all your might.
  • The Resurrection is the ultimate truth. May you seek truth beyond all. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • On this day thank God for coming in our lives and showing us the right path. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Wish you a very happy Palm Sunday. May you continue to preach his name till eternity and beyond. Lots of love!
  • Jesus is our saviour and there is nothing he cannot save you from. Put your faith in him. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Palm Sunday reminds us of the love Jesus has for us. Love him and put your faith in him. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • He has risen. Believe in him. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Palm Sunday makes us believe in miracles. With him nothing is impossible. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • May God shower blessings on you this Palm Sunday. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Holy week shows us the magic of new beginnings. May you never be afraid to start anew. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • May God bless you with abundant happiness, love and peace. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Blessed are those who come in the name of Lord. Wish you a very happy Palm Sunday!
  • Pray, worship and believe in him. Let us celebrate the day with happiness. Happy Palm Sunday!
  • Thank you god, for blessings us in every phase of life. Happy Palm Sunday.
  • If your problems are as big as a ship,
    then remember Jesus’s blessings are bigger than a sea.
    Happy Palm day.
  • Take your good times as sweets.
    Take your bad times as medicines.
    Happy Palm Sunday.
  • Jesus is coming again to take us from darkness towards the light.
  • Those people who follow Lord Jesus path, Will remain always happy.
    Happy Palm Sunday

We hope you guys will like all these content and you can also share your feedback with us about below comment box. A very happy Easter to all of you guys.