128+ Romantic I Love You Messages For Girlfriend

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings. At the end of the day, everyone needs someone by their side to share thick and thins. Being loved by someone feels not only amazing but it also boosts self-esteem. People can do wonders in life if they are treated and loved correctly. Having someone to share love with is no less than a blessing in this world. If you have such person by your side then you should definitely make them feel special by doing something extraordinary. You can buy gifts and surprise them but nothing compares to a heartfelt wish.

If you are looking for such romantic Love messages for your girlfriend then you are at the right place. Send these messages to her and make her feel special.

I love You Messages For Girlfriend

  • You make me feel special every time you look at me.
  • My love for you is superfluous.
  • You are that dream for me that came true.
  • My heart is no longer mine since the day I saw you.
  • You are the reason why the rainbows are more colorful and the sunshine brighter.
  • You are with me in my lows, that gives me the strength to soar for the skies.
  • The more time we spend together, the more beautiful life becomes.
  • You make me feel alive.
  • You light up my soul.
  • Meeting you was the best gift of god to me.
  • You make my life a better place to live. Thanks for always being there for me and loving me unconditionally. I love you!
  • Your love is my greatest strength. With you I am perfect. Lots of love to you sweetheart.
  • My love for you is beyond the definitions of love. It transcends reality. I love you!
  • I’d rather be in your heart than your mind. Because the mind might forget but heart shall go on forever.
  • There are thousands of things between us but this love is beyond the distractions. I love you, my dearest.
  • We were two little pieces of jigsaw puzzle, lost to be found until we fixed like we were always meant to be. I love you to bits and pieces.
  • You are the most beautiful and intelligent girl I have ever come across. You make my life easy by just being a part of it.
  • I love your smile and I can trade anything to see it on your face.
  • Your smile makes my day even better. It turns everything into good. I love you!
  • I am nothing without you and you are just an extension of my being. Love you!
I love you messages for girlfriend
I love you messages for girlfriend
  • I am ready to listen
    what ever you want to say
    I just want one promise
    you will keep loving me this way
    I love you.
I love you wishes for girlfriend
I love you wishes for girlfriend
  • Whenever you need me
    I will always take a stand
    Whenever you feel alone
    I will be there to hold your hand
    I love you.

Romantic Love Messages for GF

  • My world keeps moving because you are my side. I love you!
  • You are the reason why I wake up with a smile on my face. Thanks for being the reason for my happiness. I love you!
  • No matter what, you will always be my queen. You will always be the person I will look for in crowd. I love you the most!
  • I could go on and say I love you to you a thousand times but the words will not be enough.
  • My life fell into right places after you came along. Thank you for making me a right person.
  • We were meant to be together even before we existed. You make me believe in forever. I love you!
  • You taught me true meaning of life, my love. Thanks for being mine!
  • No matter how tough, I will climb mountains for you and bring you happiness whatever it takes.
  • With you, the world seems a happier place, the sun shines brighter and my heart beats a little faster.
  • You are my favourite notification. Even my phone smiles with you. I love you!
  • You are my queen, my lady luck and the charm that hold my universe together.
  • With you in life, there are rainbows of smiles everywhere. I am so lucky to have you with me.
  • Even a million words aren’t enough to describe what you mean to me. You complete me in every way.
  • You smile and gentle touch, make me skip a beat every time we are together.
  • You are the shooting star I wished upon.
  • Seeing you every day is the biggest reward I can ever hope to get.
  • Your hands fit into mine just like my life fits into your heart.
  • You are my cloud no9. I wish to live up there forever.
  • You bring more meaning to all the love songs. Before I met you, they were mere words.

Emotional Love Messages for Girlfriend

  • The biggest reward for me in this world is seeing your smile when you look at me. I love how you blush while looking at me. I love you!
  • This is the piece of my heart that aches when you are not around me. Your presence makes my heart beat faster. I love you!
  • If I was to describe to you why I love you, it would be just like me trying to tell the taste of water; indescribable.
  • Our hands fit perfectly together like they were always meant to be with each other.
  • You are my shining star, my rainbow on a rainy day, and my everything good. I love you!
  • My love for you keeps on increasing every time we meet, touch, and laugh with each other. Thanks for making me believe in the magic called love.
  • You fill every inch of my heart with love and happiness. You fill my soul with peace. You are the one I want for the rest of my life. I love you from the deepest core of my heart.
  • No matter how bad my day is, your smile can always cheer me up.
  • You smile is the key to unlock my heart. I love you!
  • My only wish to grow old with you. I can see the magic of happily ever after with you. I love you!
  • You are my biggest inspiration. All I ever hope to achieve is for you.
  • You bring hope into my life. Without you I am a lost puppy. You give me direction.
  • I never thought I could be as lucky to have you beside me. You are the silver lining in my life.
  • A diamond seems like a stone next to you. Your beauty and strength of character give me the courage to be a good human.
  • My world is beautiful because my world is you.
  • My world is full of happiness and joy because you smiled at me today. Never stop smiling my girl.
  • The warmth I feel when you rest your head on my shoulder is indescribable. With you by my side, I feel like the king of the world.
  • I love you, a little more with every passing second.
  • It is true that real love is hard to find. The day you walked into my life, I knew god was being kind to me. Your love is the force that keeps me grounded.
  • Loving you is like breathing. My life will be worthless if I stop.

Trustful Love Messages for Girlfriend

  • I could give you stars and the moon if I could and show you how much I love you.
  • Your love is my biggest inspiration. Without you, I am nobody. Thanks for being mine!
  • Love is miracle happening inside the heart. The miracle happened to me when I first saw you. It was as if I knew I had known you from a lifetime.
  • If I had to choose whether to breathe or love you then I would trade my last breath to say I love you!
  • Love is special when it is true. These days all I think about is you!
  • I feel so blessed to have a wonderful girlfriend like you. You are one of a kind. I love you!
  • I think of you when I wake up and think of you when I sleep. You are always in my mind.
  • You took my breath away with that one smile. With you, I can look forward to tomorrow. I love you!
  • You are my sunshine. You are my light. You make me feel alright!
  • I never believed in love until you came. I never believed in dreams until I started dreaming about you. I never believed in miracles until you became mine. You are my biggest exception and I love you exceptionally.

Funny Love Messages for Girlfriend

  • Love is like a pillow. You can hug it when you are happy and cry when you want to or you can snuggle and sleep. So, go and get yourself a pillow from the store!
  • I want to take you to a candle lit dinner and say those three magical words to you; Pay The Bill!
  • I wish love is like a baby shampoo, “No more tears formula”.
  • The police are on the way to arrest you for stealing my heart. Meet you in the court!
  • Love is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel it. Thanks for peeing in my pants.
  • Do you know what my favourite thing in the world is? Read the second word of this sentence.
  • Do you have a band aid? Because I scraped my knee falling for you.
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when I look at yours, I am speechless!
  • My heart to you is given and do give me yours too for we can lock them together and throw away the key.
  • There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you!
  • I develop a new crush on you ever time is see you.
  • I’ve been at the chemist a lot lately. I keep scrapping my heart falling in love with you over and over again.
  • You are the Jerry to my Tom, the Scooby to my Shaggy and the Pluto to my Goofy.
  • I should be calling the police on you for hijacking my heart.
  • Having you is like having extra cheese on my burger. You make my heart grow fat with love.
  • Being your boyfriend is the best job in the world. I get to fight cockroaches, pick up your hair from the sink, clean the cobwebs that you can’t reach.
  • Being with you is like having all the traffic lights glare in my face at once. I don’t know if I should stop, look or keep going on loving you.
  • You are the comeback my ex deserves to see.
  • You are the idea that changed my life, sirji.
  • As a kid I wanted to me a lion tamer. Having you around makes my childhood dream come true.