50+ Good Luck Quotes for Job Interview

Job interviews can surely be unnerving for everyone. The anxiety and fear of appearing before the interviewer is something not everyone can endure. Plus, answering the interview questions correctly and diligently to impress the interviewer is another task. Job interviews can make anyone nervous and lower their self-esteem but you can boost the confidence by wishing some good luck and providing a support. Words can work wonders to the anxiety issues and it can definitely boost up the lost self-esteem. Here are some of the best good luck quotes you can send to your friends or family who is going to appear for a job interview:

Good Luck Quote for Job Interview
Good Luck Quote for Job Interview

Good Luck Quotes for Job Interview

  • There’s only one secret to crack an interview like a pro and that is by simply believing in yourself. Be yourself and ace the interview. Good luck!
  • Your confidence will speak more about you than your words. Watch out your demeanor and half of your battle would be already done. All the best!
  • On this day I want you to remember that this job is not the end of the world. There will always be many opportunities. So, I want you to crack this interview with sheer confidence but I also don’t want you to sulk in tears if you don’t make it through. All the best, buddy.
  • Show them what you have got in you by speaking confidently. Make them believe in you and your capabilities. Wish you good luck!
  • You have got only ten minutes to show them the real you. Make a plan and get them believe in your skills and strengths. All the best, buddy.
  • Your degrees and marks do not matter but your skills and ability to impress the interview surely does matter. I know you are the deserving one and you will definitely get it. All the best!
  • I know you have prepared your best for the interview but you have also got to perform well in front of the interviewers. It is all about showing rather than preparing. All the best. I am waiting for the good news already!
  • Congratulations in advance. I know you are capable and you are going to crack this interview like a pro. All the best!
be yourself and you will make it through, good luck
be yourself and you will make it through, good luck
  • Be honest. Be confident. Be yourself and you will make it through. All the best!
  • Don’t go with your anxious thoughts. Take deep breaths and think of only the best. You are my rockstar and you will crack it. All the best!
  • Always keep one thing in mind that a job can never define your worth in anyway. Just compose yourself and face the interview with sheer confidence. Good luck!
  • Confidence is the only key to win an interview and I am sure you will rock it. Good luck!
  • The company shall be grateful to have a dependable employee like you. Congratulations in advance. All the best!
  • My best wishes and luck are always by your side no matter what. Wish you the best of everything. All the best!
  • First interviews are always special because they teach you a whole lot of things. Learn from it and do not fear of making mistakes. Good luck!
  • The mantra behind a successful interview is to never show your weakness to them. Be the best version of yourself and you will ace it anyway. Good luck!
  • Listen intently and answer confidently. That is enough to rock any interview. All the best!
  • I am already congratulating you for the job because I am sure you are going to get it. All the best!
  • I know you might be nervous and scared but do not let it consume you. Be yourself. Good luck!
  • Facing an interview is an art in itself and I am sure you will learn more about it with every interview. Good luck!
  • Remember that the interviewer only wants to assess your confidence level to the extreme. Good luck!
  • Tell me where the party is? Because I know you are going to get it. Good luck!
  • May you get this job and achieve great heights. With lots of love and blessings. All the best!
  • Belief in self is the key to every success in life. Good luck!
  • Believe and you will get it. I am waiting for the good news already. Good luck!
  • Give yourself the best and you will nail it for sure. I am waiting for your good news. All the best!
  • I have seen you work hard and put your efforts into work. This is going to pay off today. Just believe in yourself. Good luck!
  • You are determined, focused and hardworking which is already a deadly combination to excel any job. Keep up the good spirits and go for it. Good luck!
  • The more efficiently you sell yourself to the interviewer the better are your chances to get the job. I have complete faith in you. All the best!
  • Your fate is in your hands today. It does not matter how much knowledge you have but how efficiently you show it to the interviewer. Be the best version of yourself today. Good luck!
  • The show time has come. Don’t hide yourself and express yourself confidently. There’s nothing that can stop you. Good luck!
  • My good wishes, prayers, and thoughts are always with you. Go get it. All the best!
  • Today is going to be the most important day of your life. Make the most out of it. Get rid of the anxiety and wear the brightest of smile. All the best!
  • I know you might be worried today but there’s nothing to worry about because you are a deserving candidate. I know you will perform your best. Believe in yourself. All the best!
  • Interviews are unnerving. You might be scared to confront the interviewers but your confidence level can win over everything. Trust the process. All the best!
  • I wish that you stay calm, confident and composed during the interview. I wish that the interviewer recognize your ability and you give me the good news immediately. All the best!
  • Faith and confidence can win over anything in life. This interview is just a tiny thing compared to the big opportunities which are waiting for you already. All the best!
  • The best thing I like about you is that you do not depend on the luck but believe in yourself and work hard. This is going to open great opportunities for you in future including this job. Rock it. All the best!
  • You are the perfect person for the job already. Your determination, positivity and hard work are exemplary. Nail it. Good luck!
  • You will attract wonders the moment you stop depending on luck and start believing in yourself. Have faith and show them the best. Good luck!
  • God has already blessed you. Now, the time is yours. Work hard with his blessings and make everyone proud. All the best!
  • Best wishes for the job interview. I wish that you get this one and throw me a big party for the achievement. Good luck!
  • From being the topper of the university to acing this job interview. You are a kind of person everyone dreams to be. I know you are going to get it. Good luck!

Your Behaviour speaks more than your resume, good luck

  • Your behavior speaks more about you than your resume. Keep this in mind. All the best!
  • Treat this interview like a baby step to success and you will be enthusiastic about it rather than being nervous. All the best!
  • Think of all the skills and talents you have accumulated over the years and show them confidently to the interviewers. Good luck!
  • The trick to excel in the job is by believing that it wouldn’t be end of the world even if you don’t get it. Go for it with optimism. Good luck!
  • I believe in you and you believe in yourself. That’s all we need right now. Believe and you will get it. Good luck!
  • Do not listen to the butterflies in your stomach but listen to your inner self. It knows the way. All the best!
  • May you achieve your goals and reach to the heights. All the best!