Happy 35th Birthday Quotes and images

Birthday is one of the special days in the life of everyone. But the way of celebrating the birthday or we can say that the excitement for the birthday keeps on changing with the age.  When you are a kid or youngster then you celebrate your birthday to have a lot of fun. You are curious about the gifts at that time. But as you grow up in life, instead of wishes you just see that who has wished you a birthday or not. So with the age, you don’t get excited for your birthday at your own. But it is your friend circle or relatives whose wishes motivates you to celebrate your birthday and have fun.

Happy 35th Birthday Quotes

I wish that as you get older now, you get fitter too and be an inspiration for every one! Happy 35th birthday!

It’s fascinating how time really passes by. 35 years together and many more to go. Happy 35th  Birthday my brother!

I just want you to know that it’s really splendid to be part of you. I wish you a beautiful 30th birthday.

May you feel the same love as you have giving us so far. Wish you a great 35th birthday!
Happy 35th Birthday to the craziest and one of the most fun loving friend I have ever come across!

Have a birthday as grand as the life that you have been living so far. Happy 35th birthday.

You are going to be a source of greater wisdom and a man of responsibility. Have a great 35th birthday.

I cannot thank you enough for the wall of support you have been for me for so many years now. Wish you a great 35th birthday.

Your life has been no less than a roller coaster so far. May your 35th birthday be as exciting as your life has been so far.

Wish you grow stronger emotionally and physically from now on. Have a great 35th Birthday!

The way you have overcome challenges in life shows your level of maturity. It’s time to party hard now. Happy 35th birthday!

The only person I look upto in times of need is you. Be prepared for a great birthday party bomb! Best wishes.

Though you are turning out to be 35 now, but your fitness levels are an inspiration for a 25 year youngster too. Keep inspiring and have a great 35th birthday.

You are one of those coolest individuals I have ever met. Stay the same always. God bless you on your 35th birthday.

As the years pass by and we get older and older, we become more distinguished and fancy. I heartily wish you the same. Happy birthday.

Wishing you loads of success, prosperity and happiness in your coming years. Have a great Birthday.

Happy 35th birthday sweetheart. I feel so happy and blessed on sharing this day alongside.

Welcome to the club of late 30’s. I wish you grow stronger, sharper and healthier in the coming years.

I want you to know that you will always have a friend in me even 35 years later. Happy 35th Birthday. Party hard!

Let’s enjoy your 35th birthday with golf and beers!

Wish you greater success and prosperity in your life brother. Wish you a great 35th birthday and have a successful year ahead!

Throughout your life, you have taken the road less traveled by and have been a source of inspiration for me. I wish you a great 35th birthday.

The best achievements are yet to come. These are the days that would never come back. Enjoy to the fullest and party hard on your 35th birthday.

Never turn back and regret about yesterday. You have been strong in all throughout these 35 years. May you grow stronger in the years ahead!

Birthday parties should never depend on what age we are standing. Party as if you have turned 35th. You have worked hard all throughout these years and deserve the most. Have a great 35th birthday.



Party Like A Youngster
But Behave A Little Mature
You Have A Rocking Birthday
We will make it sure.
Happy 35th Birthday


Just enjoy the moment
It’s never too late
You just arrange the party
We will make it great
Happy 35th Birthday

Happy 35th Birthday Quotes
Happy 35th Birthday Quotes

Spend like a Daddy
And enjoy like A Son
Enjoy 35th Birthday Fully
Don’t Miss the fun.
Happy 35th Birthday

Invite All Near and Dear
And make them cheer
Celebrate your birthday to the fullest
It comes once in the year.
Happy 35th Birthday

Happy 35th Birthday wishes
Happy 35th Birthday wishes

In the busy schedule of life
Fun should never be lost
Happy 35th Birthday To You
Enjoy it to the most.
Happy 35th Birthday

Congratulate you on turning 35. We hope you are not hanging between the Youth and Maturity. But you are loving them both.
Happy 35th Birthday

Happy 35th Birthday wishes
Happy 35th Birthday wishes

When you will find that Happiness lies only in the current situation,
then you will agree that age is just a number.
Happy 35th Birthday

Well, you are at that stage of life that you should become an inspiration for others.
Happy 35th Birthday

Happiness is a state of mind. But it is also a Matter of your attitude.
Happy 35th Birthday.

We Hope you will find all the success and glory in your upcoming life
Happy Birthday.

In this article, we are sharing with you all the birthday wishes for 35 years old. Well at this age the people have just finished their youth, but they are not ready to accept that. So in our wishes, we have added all the quotes that will motivate a 35 year old to celebrate their birthday with passion. these wishes are so emotional and heart touching as all of the people of this age will like these wishes. You can send these wishes to your elder or smaller brother, sister, colleagues.

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Well, all of these quotes are just relevant to the life of the people who are turning 35. We have focused to make all of these wishes positive and inspiring for a 35 Year Old. They will find all these wishes very Touchy and Heartwhelming. We also hope that you were also looking for the same kind of words to send as birthday wishes to your friends. Share all these positive and inspiring wishes to your friend on their birthday. We also have the coolest collection Happy 60th birthday wishes for you.