87+ Cute & Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

Your wife is rightfully your better half. She is your soul mate, your best friend, your biggest critique and your biggest motivator.  Lucky are the ones who get to experience marriage and life with their beloveds. Every day with your loving and caring wife is a happy and joyful time and her birthday ought to be special!

Think of all the things your wife does for you, the simple ways in which she cares for you. Today is a chance for you to do something for her in return.

Women love simple gestures. Gestures that show that you care for her and that you love her. There can be no better way to show her how much she means to you, than to share some meaningful, thoughtful and naughty messages with her today.

We have compiled some messages that you can share with your beautiful wife so she can have a memorable and spectacular birthday!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Wife

  • Living with you is like my own sweet version of a romantic comedy movie. Thanks for being such a lovely wife. Happy birthday!
  • Today is as special to me as it is for you. I am so thankful that you were born. Happy birthday my love.
  • I will always be grateful to God to have brought you in my life. Happy birthday honey. Thanks for marrying me.
  • A very happy birthday to a beautiful, intelligent and sensitive girl. You are the epitome of beauty and I love you.
  • You personify kindness and are beautiful inside and out. A girl as amazing as you, deserves the best day ever. Happy birthday!
  • You light up my world and bring a smile to my face every time I look at you! Happy birthday honey!
  • This birthday, I pledge to always support you in all your endeavors. You will climb great heights of success! I love you babe!
  • If I were a genie, I would grant you all your wishes! But as a mere mortal, I pray to God each day that you stay happy all the time. Happy birthday!
  • May the sparkle in your eyes get brighter and shinier every year! Happy birthday my angel!
  • I am so happy that we can watch each other grow old together. Wishing us many more years of together and wishing you many more birthdays to come!
  • Happy birthday to my sweetest angel! You enlighten my life when your presence. You are the best wife a man could ask for!
  • May the best wife in the whole world, have the best birthday and year ahead. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Wishing my best friend and biggest motivator, a very happy birthday and many smiles today!
  • You can make the cloudiest of days seem sunny and bright! May your spark never fade. Happy birthday, Wifey!
  • You were my dream that came true. May all your dreams come true too! Wishing you a very joyful birthday!
  • When I wrap you in my arms
    I feel like I am blessed with all
    the happiness of the world.
    Happy birthday to Dear wife
Happy Birthday quotes for wife
  • If you are there to support me
    I can cross all the barriers of life
    Happy birthday  wife
romantic Happy Birthday quotes for wife
  • You are such a cute Rose
    who gives me love dose
    Best part of my life
    My beautiful wife.
  • Sometimes she acts as a friend
    Sometimes she acts as a guide
    You make me complete
    You are just my world.

Share these happy birthday quotes with your wife and she will definitely feel special after reading these heart touching lines. You can download all these happy birthday quotes for free.

Cute Birthday Quotes for Wife

  • Looking into your eyes makes me fall in love with you all over again! Happy birthday babe and have a fantastic day today!
  • A very happy birthday to my soul mate, the mother of my children and the anchor that hold our family together. We all love you!
  • Honey! You are truly special. You leave me dumbstruck every time I see you! Wishing you a happy birthday!
  • Even though we have celebrated many of your birthdays together, you look just as fine as you did all those years ago! Happy birthday!
  • I hope that your birthday is as joyful as you have made me all these years. Happy birthday and may you have a wonderful year ahead!
  • I love you honey! Thank you for choosing to enrich me and my life with your love and affection. Happy birthday!
  • Every year I see you become wiser, prettier and more sensible. I don’t know how you do it, but you make me fall deeper in love you each day! Happy birthday!
  • This year is another chapter in your life
    May it be thrilling, exciting and all things nice!
    Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the most wonderful daughter, mother, sister and most importantly wife!
  • Thank you for your selfless love. You have given me, our family and our children the most beautiful moments that we continue to cherish! Happy birthday!
  • May your year be as bright as the candles on your birthday cake! Happy birthday darling!
  • A very happy birthday to the woman of my dreams! I love you darling.
  • It is amazing how you manage to look a year younger every birthday! Happy birthday my beautiful wife!
  • Just like my love, the memories of this day will last you a lifetime, honey! A very happy birthday to my beautiful wife.
  • Wishing my one and only, super special girl, a wonderful birthday!

Romantic Birthday wishes for wife

  • I wish I could explain how much I love you! Words always fall short to express my emotions and love for you. For now let’s just settle with ‘Happy Birthday’!
  • My lovely wife, I pray to God that you are always smiling and content. Having you around is a blessing to me! Happy birthday!
  • You are the silver lining behind every dark cloud. Thanks for being such a wonderful support system all these years! Happy birthday!
  • If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t be who I am today! You are the force that drives me in life. May you always keep smiling! Happy birthday!
  • Thanks for being such a supportive, helpful and beautiful companion in our journey of life. Cheers to many more years of togetherness! Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Happy birthday my angel! You deserve the best in life and I promise I will make sure you always get it! Happy birthday!
  • Thanks for being my cuddle buddy! I promise to cuddle you all my life! Happy birthday love!
  • You complete me in every way! Your smile, your smell, your eyes and your voice fuel me to keep going! Happy birthday to my lovely life.
  • Wishing my most favorite person in the whole wide world, a very happy birthday!
  • Honey, our love story is my most favorite love story! Thanks for being born. Happy birthday!
  • You are what angels must look like when they step on earth. My life with you has been like living in heaven. Happy birthday!
  • The best decision of my life was to marry you! Cheers to celebrating many more of your birthdays in the future. Have a wonderful day darling!
  • Your birthday is a celebration in both our lives! I am so glad that God made you and crossed our paths so we could meet! Happy birthday love!
  • Thanks for finding your way to me in life! I love you dearly! Happy birthday to the best wife in the whole world.
  • I am irrevocably in love with you! Thanks for marrying me and making me the happiest soul on earth! Happy birthday my girl!
  • You were the reason of my happiness in the past,
    you are the inspiration of success in the present
    You will be the hope of my bright future.
    Happy birthday to my dear wife.
best loving Happy Birthday quotes for wife

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • You make my ordinary, black and white life seem like HD color! Happy birthday baby!
  • Of all the girlfriends I ever had, you are my most favorite, which is why I upgraded you to be my wife. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • If I ever get stranded on an island, I would want you to be there with me. Happy birthday my adventure partner!
  • This year I thought to be more creative and less materialistic so I got you 30 birthday kisses instead of a cake and gifts! Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Happy birthday my dear wife. Here’s a kiss for every grey hair and fine line of yours!
  • I decided to gift you an anti-aging and anti-grey spa treatment this year!
    Just kidding! Happy 25th birthday my love!
  • There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than to do nothing at all! Happy birthday my love!
  • Try not worrying about every single problem in the world today! Give your brilliant mind some rest and relax. Happy birthday my darling wife!
  • To the mother of all my (dog and human) children, a very happy birthday to you! May we continue to be a large and happy family!
  • It is rightly said, there is no life without wife. Well, I need to agree with this statement for today! Happy birthday my life!
  • May you find the wisdom to stop nagging me about little things this year! Happy birthday!
  • Since it is your birthday, we should be allowed to eat junk and no more of your salads! Happy birthday honey! Let’s head out to eat!
  • To every new grey hair on your head, I love you all! You make my wife look gorgeous and prettier than she ever was. Happy birthday honey!
  • Age seems to be doing you good darling! If I had met you today, I would still fall head over heels in love with you.
  • To my first and only girlfriend who is now my wife, a very happy birthday! I swear what I said is true and you are and have always been the only one!

Happy Birthday images for Wife

If you want to send happy birthday wishes to your wife on her birthday then we have all kind of happy birthday images for the wife.

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For every man, her wife is a gorgeous woman in the world. This is a very nice happy birthday image that you can send to your wife on her birthday.

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Happy birthday Wife  Memes

The happiest feeling for a Man is to be with his wife. A husband and wife share lots of time together and they share all kind of emotions.

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funny happy birthday memes for wife
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Wives are always age conscious, if your wife is age conscious then send this happy birthday meme to your wife on her birthday.  This meme will make her happy on her birthday.

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best funny happy birthday memes for wife
Happy-birthday-memes-for wife
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