Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece – Quotes, Messages & Memes

The closeness amongst siblings is beautiful. As they have shared thousands of memories growing up and progressing as an individual. In later lives, they all get married and have kids. And the best thing about your sibling having a child is that you can be the coolest uncle and aunt for them.

Those little kids give you opportunity to live your childhood once again and that feeling is beyond what words could explain. Nephew or niece, they all are sweethearts and their birthdays are the most important day for you as well and why shouldn’t it be! After all, you are the coolest, most loving member of the family for them as well.

Here are some birthday wishes that you can use whether you are with them or far from them and whatever may be their age

Happy Birthday Quotes for Niece

  • Niece, on your birthday I would like to tell you that you are the most important part of my life and I am glad you exist. Happy birthday my little baby.
  • I don’t know what good have I done that I have got such a good friend in the form of my niece. I wish all the happiness for you. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • May your birthday be as delightful as you are and may you enjoy your day to the fullest, my beautiful niece.
  • You have always brought smile on my face and I wish you as happy day and year ahead. Thank you for being an amazing niece.
  • I can’t believe you have now grown up to be such an intelligent and beautiful girl, when it feels like you were just a toddler yesterday! Many many happy returns of the day my sweetheart niece.
  • The day when the little you grabbed my finger and looked into my eyes with innocence and love, I decided I would protect you for life. You mean the world to me. Happy Birthday!
  • Just one day for celebrating the awesome person you are is not enough, so, I would rather start with this day and celebrate each day of the coming year!
  • Dear niece, you came into our lives as a bliss and I am happy to see that you as a person is a blessing other people too. Stay amazing and have a spectacular birthday ahead!
  • I am glad that my niece has grown up to be a person who spreads positiveness and happiness. You are wonderful and wish you a wonderful birthday and year ahead.
  • I love you not because you are my lovely niece but also because you are an awesome person. And you know you got your awesomeness from me! Happy birthday dear!
  • I felt the upgradation of being an aunt would make me old but rather I feel blessed to have you. I love you and happy birthday!
  • Dear niece, you are a blessing in my life and I love you to the moon and back. I wish for you an amazing birthday and year filled with love and happiness.
  • Of all the nieces and nephews I have, you are my pure favourite niece! You are irreplaceable! Happy birthday!!
  • I am sometimes jealous of my brother because he has the most diligent and charismatic daughter. If I ever have a daughter, I would like her to be like you! Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Thank you for not just being my niece but my movie buddy, shopping companion, crime partner and secret keeper. Just know that your aunt loves you the most! Happy birthday!
  • Your presence fills the room with positivity and joy, niece. You are a person filled with love and harmony. Never ever change and have a blessed year ahead.
  • You are the Disney princess you have always watched: full of magic, hope, laughter, joy and delight. We just need to find a prince and a pony for you. Until then continue to stay amazing and blessed. Happy birthday from your incredibly loving aunt
  • You are the greatest gift for your parents by being amazingly beautiful and I gave you all the sassiness and cuteness.  Thank me later. Many many happy returns of the day!
  • Another birthday, another year full of love, bliss and opportunity to get better and your uncle would be standing firm for you in the journey. Stat blessed! Stay amazing!
  • Happy birthday to my sweetheart niece! Enjoy the cake, and with friends and have a blessed year ahead!
  • The word “Aunt” has become the most pleasurable word to me,
    Just because of my cute, little “Niece”.
    Happy Birthday, Niece.
  • You know what, It feels “Nice”
    Because I have a lovable “Niece”
    Happy Birthday Dear.
  • I may not be your mother
    But for a Niece like you
    I am no other. Happy Birthday Niece.

Cute and loving birthday wishes for niece

  • Happy birthday niece! And as you are growing up I need to tell you this that when you feel like you are too scared to share something with your parents, remember that you have a loving and understanding aunt always present and willing to help you. Enjoy your day.
  • You are so amazing that I am sure you would get the best of everything in this world. You are a hardworking and an intelligent girl. Happy birthday niece.
  • May this year be full of enthralling opportunities and lots of beautiful memories. Your uncle is here to support you if you ever feel like unfollowing your dreams. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • Beauty with brains is a rare combination that exists but here you are, my lovely niece, excelling in everything that comes forth. May this year be as bright as a gem you are. Happy birthday.
  • Anyone who knows you, acknowledges the fact that you are an irreplaceable and precious part of their lives. And I as your aunt is the most blessed to have you as my very loving and caring niece. Happy birthday darling.
  • I am fortunate enough to have the priceless presence of you as my niece in my life. You are a very cute and lovable person. This day and the whole year is yours to accomplish. Happy birthday!
  • You are so loved that you can’t even imagine. You came and changed our lives forever and we cherish every moment with you. Happy birthday my precious little niece, with loads of love from your aunt.
  • May this day be filled with love, laughter, dance, harmony, gifts and of course, a beautiful cake. Have a blessed year ahead. Happy birthday niece.
  • I am as happy to have you as my niece as your parents are to have you as their daughter. You are the love of our lives. Thank you for existing and happy birthday!
  • I am so lucky that I got this opportunity to be your aunt and care for you as you grow up. You have a pure and beautiful heart and I wish that you remain as humble at heart as you are now for all your life. Happy birthday.
  • I know your dad thinks that you are like him but to be honest you got your looks, charming personality and the beautiful voice from me! Your aunt loves you beyond measure. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • I was very worried about how I would be able to get along with such a small baby when I became your uncle. But your coolness and easygoing attitude have made everything easy. You are my princess, niece and I will cherish your presence till eternity. Happy birthday.
  • When you were born you were all the time crying, crashing things in your reach, pooping and pulling my hair with all your power!! But even if god asks me to trade those days I won’t because at the same time you gave me the world of happiness and love in just one smile. Happy birthday my dearest niece.
  • You are head strong, calm and composed, niece. I wish for you a world of happiness and funfilled events. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • It feels like yesterday when you started walking and I would chase you down the hallway just to ensure that you don’t fall. And this is the day when you are doing the same with your children. Time flies and it surely gives good memories. Happy birthday my dear niece and have a fulfilled year ahead.
  • You are an amazing human being and that too with a golden heart. I wish for an amazing birthday and a rather beautiful year ahead. Loads of love, niece.
  • You are a super cute niece and the best thing is that you are getting cuter day by day. Have an awesome and joy filled day and year. Happy birthday niece.
  • It gives me relief that I have a reliable secret keeper and I am same for you as well. Just know that your aunt is always here for you to take care of you and to give right advices whenever you need them. Happy birthday my little sweet niece.
  • I always thought that my life is complete but then you happened and you showed how just a tiny, giggling person can add so much meaning to my life. I love you so much niece. Happy birthday.
  • I felt so old when you called me uncle for the very first time but it is a fact that now that very word brings joy to me and gives me a sense of responsibility to protect you from every bad thing that even looks in your direction. Enjoy your day! Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday wishes for Niece

  • Even though you are the daughter of my sister, you are actually the little version of me! Enjoy the day and all the love from your aunt. Happy birthday dear.
  • I am so lucky to have the sassiest niece in the whole wide world! Wish you the happiest birthday.
  • Consider me your amazing godmother and accept the blessings of a fulfilled and beautiful year ahead. Loads of love, my lovely niece.
  • You are the cutest of all and your uncle loves you more than anyone else ever could. Happy birthday little one.
  • Of all the good things that has ever happened in your life the best is getting me as your uncle! Just kidding! Of course I am the one who is blessed to have a fantastic niece like you. Happy birthday!
  • You have always cared for the people around you and today is your turn to get all the caring this year. Have a blessed birthday dear niece.
  • I am lucky to have a niece who is so stunning as a person and in person too! Love you! Happy birthday!
  • Dear niece, you have always made me feel young by involving in all your funny, girly activities. Just know that your aunt loves you the most. Happy birthday niece.
  • I know that your dad is nice and all but being an uncle is way cooler than that! Thank you for bestowing all the happiness in our lives with your presence. Happy birthday.
  • Thank you for showing me what motherhood looks and feels like. I would be able  to love my daughter just like I love you. Happy Birthday my little niece.
  • I wish to god that he blesses you with the best of all cakes, sweetest of all candies, loveliest of all presents and world of happiness on your birthday, Niece.
  • You are an incredible niece and an awesome person. I wish you get all the good things you wish for this year. Happy birthday.
  • You are such a marvellous kid I can’t believe how I got so lucky to have you as my niece. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • In this journey of life never treat any moment as a struggle but as an adventure that you have to go on with excitement and fun. Happy birthday niece.
  • I want you to stop getting more amazing as the year passes by. You are making me look old! But anyway I love you the most. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • May this upcoming year us filled with best presents, good food, warm hugs and all the love my lovely niece deserves. Love you so much. Happy birthday.
  • I simply love everything about you. Your genuine laughs on my bad jokes and your warn and soothing smiles bring so much peace to not only me but every family member. Happy birthday niece.
  • You are the best part of my life, niece. You are lovely and funny and reminds so much of my childhood days. I am glad you exist. Happy birthday.
  • You are a kind hearted and courageous girl, growing up to be an amazing lady. I hope you have a fulfilled birthday.
  • I couldn’t be any more prouder to call you my niece. You are a wonderful girl and accomplishing so much with such great pace. May you achieve everything you want. Happy birthday.

Birthday wishes for 1st birthday of niece

  • It feels like just yesterday, that you were born and came into my not so happening life. You are in my life since past 1 year and I feel like I have known you since ages. Love you loads my little niece.
  • Happy 1st birthday darling!! I can’t wait to get you a bit older so that I can dress you up and do makeup on you. I love you so much dear.
  • Just know that your aunt is desperate to see her shopping partner getting all sassy as she grows up to be a beautiful woman. But it is just your 1st birthday, I will have to wait for a while. Happy 1st birthday.
  • I remember that day when I came to know that you are coming to be a part of my life. That was the most beautiful day and it is today as well. Happy birthday my dear niece.
  • I have bought the most beautiful dress for you and the softest toy because I want you to look beautiful as you are and I never want to see you getting hurt. Your uncle loves you a lot niece. Happy birthday!
  • You have added meaning to my life. I was so reckless and careless but when you hold my finger and giggle looking at me, it melts my heart and my me pledge everyday to protect you for every bad thing. Loads of love from your only uncle. Happy birthday!
  • I can’t wait to see you growing up as the happiest and fun loving child. You are 1 year old today but always remember this that you can come to me to share any good, bad, happy, sad thing of your life. Love from your aunt. Happy birthday niece.
  • I still remember how happy I was when my sister told me the news that you are coming! I even learned to change diapers, just in case you pooped laughing at the faces I was going to make and guess what! I was absolutely right on my part. Happy birthday niece.
  • I have brought the toys, the cake and a princess dress for you so that you enjoy your day and when you look back to the photographs of your first birthday, you would remember how loved you have been since the beginning. Your aunt loves you so much. Happy birthday darling.
  • The way you respond to everything I say with appropriate timing of giggles, I know that my niece is going to be the coolest kid in the whole town and that too with a bonus of the coolest uncle. Happy 1st birthday niece!

Happy Birthday images For Niece

All uncle and aunts feel that their niece is so cute in the world.  Here we are presenting to you all the beautiful and eye pleasing happy birthday image for the niece.

Happy Birthday to you niece
Happy Birthday to you niece

This is a very nicely crafted happy birthday images that you can share with your niece on her birthday.

Wish you a very happy birthday niece
Wish you a very happy birthday niece
Happy Birthday Niece from your favorite Aunt
Happy Birthday to my cure niece
Happy Birthday to my cure niece


Happy Birthday Memes for niece

If you guys have a naughty niece at home and you want to share funny happy birthday memes with your niece, then we have all the latest collection of happy birthday memes.


This is a very nice happy birthday meme that an Aunt can send to her niece on her birthday.


This laughing image can be shared with your niece on her birthday.


Happy Birthday niece, you are the best believe me! trump meme
Happy Birthday niece, you are the best believe me! trump meme
Happy Birthday niece, you are simply the cutest
Happy Birthday niece, you are simply the cutest