65+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Aunt – Quotes & Messages

For most of us, our aunt holds a very special place in our hearts. If you think of your childhood, you will realize that your aunt always treated you like her own child. And to you, she was nothing short of your second mother. She was the first person you confided in.

Unlike your mother, your aunt will always be calm and composed. She will always guide you right and let you make mistakes, so you learn from them. She is your friend, confidant, and guide. From talking about your first relationship to eating junk food together, your aunt has seen you and been with you through everything. She is your fashion critique, 2 am agony aunt and your ATM.

Someone as special as your aunt needs to be celebrated too. Here are some birthday messages that you can share with your aunt on her special day. Let your aunt know that she is extraordinary and deeply loved by you!

Birthday Quotes and Messages for Aunt

  • A very happy birthday to the best aunt in the whole world. You are special and gifted in every possible way.
  • Thank you for your constant guidance. You have given me direction in the darkest of times. A very happy birthday to a very beautiful soul.
  • Happy birthday Auntie! You are an inspiration to all of us in the family. You are the perfect combination of beauty and integrity. Thank you for being there.
  • Someone as special as you deserves to be celebrated each day. Thank you for enriching our lives with your presence. Happy birthday Auntie!
  • Thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me over the years. I am a better person because of you. Happy birthday!
  • You are truly fantastic! I love you and wish you the very best always. Happy birthday and have a wonderful year ahead.
  • You may be my aunt, but to me you have always been more of a friend. Thank you for your love and support always. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to you Auntie! May you have the most brilliant year and may all your desires be fulfilled.
  • I am so glad that today is your birthday and we get a chance to celebrate you and your brilliance. Happy birthday Auntie!
  • It is because of your love and affection that I turned out to be the way I have. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday!
  • You are like a mother to me. No matter where I go or what I achieve, I will always be thankful to you for shaping me as a child. Happy birthday!
  • You are beautiful inside and out. Wishing you the best year of your life. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for being my friend when I needed you. I hope your birthday is filled with laughter and joy. Have a wonderful day Auntie!
  • Thank you for your advice. You have been the guiding force of my life. I love you Auntie. Happy birthday!
  • A very happy birthday to my most favorite person in the whole family. You are an extraordinary woman and deserve the very best. Happy birthday!
  • You are not my aunt, but my best friend. Thanks for being my partner in crime and for setting me straight from time to time. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday Auntie! You haven’t aged a day and have the same energy and vitality of an eighteen year old!
  • May God give you all the joys of the world and take away all your worries. Happy birthday Auntie! God bless!
  • You are an amazing woman. You have the ability to light up everything you touch. May you always be happy and content. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday Auntie! This year will bring you lots of luck and success in life. I wish you the best day and year ever!
  • You may not be my mother,
    But Believe me aunt
    I can’t find any difference
    between you two.
    Happy birthday aunt
  • Thank you aunt for ignoring all my naughtiness and giving me Tons of love
    Happy birthday, aunt.
Happy Birthday quotes for aunt
  • I have never seen any angel
    but i  feel she will be like my aunt.
cute Happy Birthday quotes for aunt
  • There is nothing to bother
    when you have
    An Aunt like mother
    Happy birthday aunt.
  • She is cutest, sweetest, beautiful Aunt
    that’s why I call her an “Aunt to flaunt”
    Happy birthday Aunt

Funny Birthday wishes for Aunt 

  • A very happy birthday to the woman who knows all my dark secrets! May you never spill them! Have a great day!
  • Thank you Auntie! You have given me the coolest cousin ever! Happy birthday to you.
  • I love you for you let me do all the naughty things that mom never allowed me to do. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for feeding me through college and letting me go for night outs without telling my parents. Happy birthday!
  • I hope our pact of keeping each other’s secrets never breaks. Happy birthday to a crack head just like me. I love you Auntie!
  • A very happy birthday to you! You have been instrumental in choosing all my first date outfits. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • Wishing you a huge peanut butter cake on your birthday! May you always be the nut in our family! Happy birthday Auntie!
  • Each family has a cool child. In your family it is you! Happy birthday Auntie! May you have a year full of happiness!
  • Thank you for always narrating my embarrassing childhood stories to my friends and now my girlfriends. Happy birthday Auntie!
  • It is hard to pick one good quality when the person in question is someone like you! Happy birthday Auntie! Pun intended!
  • A very happy birthday to the woman who taught me how to drive straight and park right. Half my dates wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t there.
  • A very happy birthday to my grandfather’s coolest and brightest daughter! We all love you and wish you a blessed year ahead!
  • You are my mother and best friend all rolled up together in one tiny person. Your awesomeness is skyrocketing Auntie! Happy birthday.
  • Congratulations on your birthday and for having a nephew as splendid as me.
  • Thank you for being a crazy, rule-breaking rebel! You cleared the path for many like me in the family. Be amazing always! Happy birthday.

Inspirational birthday messages for Aunt

  • I admire you so much Auntie! Every moment spent with you is a cherished memory in my heart. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a special lady who has been instrumental in making me a successful human being. May you always be happy!
  • I learn so much by simply watching you live your life. Thank you for always inspiring me to do better. Happy birthday!
  • You are not just my aunt, you are my super aunt! You have taught me so much! All my achievements wouldn’t have been possible without you and your support.
  • Thank you for always being my support system. Your values and principles inspire me to be kind. Happy birthday!
  • You are a star, Auntie! Keep shining and inspiring people around you. Wishing you a very happy birthday and may you never stop smiling.
  • You are an essential part of my life, Auntie! You have been a mother, a sister and a friend to me. I can never thank you enough for all your love throughout the years. Happy birthday!
  • A very happy birthday to a very happy person! Your laughter is infectious! May you always be cheerful and peppy!
  • Thanks for being my mentor, my teacher, and my biggest critic. A very happy birthday to the most gorgeous woman in my life!
  • Thank you for always checking up on me from time to time. You are my biggest inspiration and motivation. Wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come!

Happy Birthday Images for Aunt

When it comes to sending wishes to your aunt you would like to share all the best happy birthday wishes for her. In this section, we have all the best, cute and beautiful images for your mother like Aunt. So get ready for her birthday and send her all the latest happy birthday images.

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Beautiful Happy Birthday images for an aunt
best Beautiful Happy Birthday images for an aunt
Happy Birthday images for an aunt
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Happy Birthday Memes for Aunt

In your childhood, your aunt tries to bring a smile on your face. So it becomes your responsibility to make her smile on her birthday. You can send these funny happy birthday meme for an aunt on her birthday.

happy birthday memes for aunt

if you are feeling sad that you can’t attend the birthday of your aunt then send this happy birthday meme with your Aunt on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Memes
Happy Birthday Memes
funny happy birthday memes for aunt
cute happy birthday memes for aunt
best happy birthday memes for aunt