Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew – Quotes, Messages & Memes

Nephews bring a joy in your life like no one ever can. They’re special to you and they’re one of the closest bonds you can form. Having a nephew is like getting all the good parts of having a son and lesser of the problems. Nephews always share a special bond with their uncle/aunt as you are the first adult that they completely trust after their parents. You guide them on things that they can’t bring to their parents and they can confide in you when they’re not sure about their parents.

As such, on their special day, their birthday, they deserve all of your love and affection. From the gifts you bring them, to the wishes you give them, you need to make sure it’s all perfect. For the perfect thing to say to your perfect little nephews, we’re here to help you select from a wide range of birthday wishes to make sure your nephew has the best birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Nephew

  • Every time I see you, my happiness knows no limits, happy birthday dear nephew!
  • The best thing in the universe is Y,O and U, Happy birthday my nephew!
  • From your favorite uncle to my favorite nephew, your birthday is special because along with you, this is also my special day to treat you! Have the best birthday nephew!
  • I feel bad for uncles all around the world because no one has a nephew as cool as me. You’re the best and enjoy your best birthday my cute nephew!
  • The best way to celebrate is to give. That’s why I’m giving you all the best wishes and gifts to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday my nephew!
  • If numbers could spell out PERFECT it would be your birthday because you’re the best! Happy birthday nephew!
  • Everyone has a secret. Mine is that you’re my favourite nephew. Shh though, don’t tell your cousins! Happy birthday my favourite nephew.
  • Everyone is jealous over how much I spoil you. They should actually be jealous of how much you love me! Happy birthday my cute nephew!
  • Your mom grew up getting spoiled by me and now you’ll grow up getting spoiled as well. It’s the family tradition of giving love. Happy birthday my little nephew!
  • The reason there isn’t a best nephew contest is because you would win it every single time and no one else would ever come close! Happy birthday to the best nephew in the world!
  • My love for you is as sweet as these chocolates. Happy birthday dear nephew!
  • Every year you grow up but for me you’ll always remain the cute little nephew I see you as. Happiest birthday my little nephew.
  • I know the meaning of infinity because that’s how much I love you. Happy birthday to the best nephew!
  • It is said that the best things in life come in little packages. I guess I believe that now that I met you. Happy birthday my little nephew.
  • Until I met you, I was never jealous of my sister. Now I’m jealous because she has the coolest kid ever! Happy birthday my dear nephew!
  • The people who I love are very few
    the most loved in them is my Nephew
    Happy birthday Nephew
  • You are the son of my brother
    but your love and care for me
    give me feeling like a father.
    Happy birthday Nephew.


  • You may be naughty
    you may be crazy
    when I see you happy
    I become active from lazy
    Happy birthday Nephew


  • Spending time with you is a happy ride
    You are the one who always make me Pride
    Happy birthday Nephew


  • Wishing you all the happiness and luck in the world. I hope that your year and all your life goes extremely well! Happiest birthday to the best person I know, my little nephew!
  • I asked God for the perfect gift and then he gave me you as a nephew. You’re the best and cutest person ever, happy birthday!
  • I wished your birthdays came around more frequently as it gives me a reason to make you happy with more gifts than usual. Happy birthday to the world’s best nephew
  • Stay blessed and I hope all your dreams come true for every single year. Happy birthday to my dear nephew!
  • You’re the life of every party. So here’s to your life’s party! Happy birthday my dear little nephew!

Funny birthday quotes For Nephew

  • Birthdays are weird. I give you a present, in the past, to celebrate your future. Happy weird birthday nephew!
  • Getting money on your birthday is getting paid for being born. Here’s your gift just to be born! Stay awesome and happy birthday!
  • Here’s a tip for your next birthday, instead of wishing on the candles, wish out aloud so your parents and uncle can hear it, you’ll get exactly what you want. Happy birthday to the smartest nephew!
  • Birthday means cake. So let’s pretend it’s your birthday every week so we can both get cake all the time! Happy birthday!
  • I tried to gift you my love and affection for your birthday but it was too big. So I bought you another surprise! Happy birthday! (*)
  • Your Facebook friends might wish you at 12 but it’s your real friends and family that will give you your favorite gifts. Happy birthday nephew!
  • Having a nephew is like having a little best friend. Here’s to my best friend, happy birthday!
  • In my dictionary, C,O,O and L spell out your name! So here’s a happy birthday to the coolest kid ever!
  • All the problems in life can be solved by parties. Therefore, have more birthdays, have more parties! Happy birthday to a long life of parties!
  • The secret to living a long and happy life is to have a lot of birthday parties! Happy birthday nephew!
  • You laugh at all my jokes and I laugh at my brother. Here’s to a perfect nephew-uncle relationship, happy birthday champ!
  • I never thought I’d have fun at family parties but your birthday is awesome! Happy birthday to the best nephew with the coolest parties!
  • Watching you grow up from a baby to a young boy is the best because birthday parties always get better growing up. Have an awesome year and here’s to always having better birthdays. Happy birthday nephew!
  • Let’s be honest if all your wishes as a kid would come true then we would all live in a candy world. Make sure those wishes count and have an awesome birthday! Happy birthday nephew!
  • Don’t waste your wishes on wanting to grow up! You’ll grow up with every birthday anyway! Wish for all the gifts you want so you can get every single one of them! Happy birthday!
  • From chump to champ, you’ve grown a lot. Happy birthday to my nephew! You’ll have the coolest life ahead!
  • Having a nephew is like having a son away from a son. You’re my favourite young man and I hope your birthday is as awesome as I think it is
  • Here’s a pro tip for your birthday, life may not always be amazing but it’s your job to always keep smiling. Otherwise, lots of people will keep asking you what’s wrong. Trust me it’s better to just smile than deal with annoying relatives. Happy birthday nephew! Remember to smile.
  • I remember you were a spoilt kid who always got what he wanted by crying. You don’t get that anymore. I guess it’s time to get back to your earlier tactics. But shush, don’t tell your parents I told you! Happy birthday!
  • From a cool parent to a cool kid, happy birthday nephew. Obviously, your mom wasn’t as cool as me when we were kids but it looks like you took to me in coolness. Have a blast and an amazing year ahead!

16th birthday Quotes for nephew

  • Happy birthday dear nephew! As you know 16 is a very important year. You should focus on school and make sure this year is perfect so your life keeps getting better and better! Enjoy!
  • Happy sweet 16th dear nephew! You’re old enough to know what’s good and bad and I’ve seen you become a perfect young man. Keep being the amazing person you are!
  • 16th is the first step to being a man that you’ll take. You’re not a kid and you’ll be treated like a young man from now on. It’s the perfect time to show everyone how amazing you are! Happy birthday dear big nephew!
  • Watching you grow up into a fine, young gentleman has been a treat. You’ve made all of us proud and we hope you’ll continue to do so as you keep getting older! Happy birthday dear nephew.

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  • It’s hard to imagine you as the same baby that I saw take his first steps. You’ve grown so much and you’ve become everything I could’ve hoped for. This 16th marks your beginning of a new life of responsibility and maturity. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 16th birthday to the best person I know. I can’t call you a kid anymore and you’ve grown too big to be called so. I know you’re a young man now but in my heart you’ll always be the small kid I saw grow up. Stay blessed!
  • Happy 16th birthday my dear nephew! Don’t worry, all your secrets will be safe with your favorite uncle. Your life of actually having fun and enjoying the finer side of life begins now. Go make the most of it and make your uncle proud!
  • You’d think that finally turning 16 would be enough to prove you’re a man but when you see someone grow up from a baby stage, you can never actually think of them as grown-up, ever. Here’s to my 16 year old baby nephew! Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on your 16th birthday! You will finally start to understand a lot of things and I give you a best of luck to all the shocks of life you’ll get real soon. Enjoy the beginning of the best time of your life!
  • Happy birthday to the most amazing kid I know. You’re finally 16 and you can finally start to appreciate the things you hated as a kid. Welcome to your first step of growing up! Enjoy!

18th birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • Happy birthday to the newest man in the house! 18th birthday marks your first step into adulthood! You’ve finally become a man! Good luck for your life ahead and make sure you enjoy it!
  • Happy 18th birthday to my favourite man in the house. You’ve grown into a man from the baby I saw you as. Life’s just beginning and you’ll slowly become the best you will ever be. Don’t worry, take it easy and don’t stress out! Best of luck and stay happy.
  • Happy birthday dear nephew! Being 18 is finally the time where you can start getting confused about life. But don’t worry, everyone is equally confused so don’t be scared! Life always finds a way, just like you will. Welcome to your life, and welcome to the grown-ups world. You’ll love it
  • Happy 18th birthday dear nephew! You’ve finally grown up in the eyes of everyone and you’ll no longer be treated as a kid. You’ll think that’s good but being a kid is the best thing ever. Here’s to finding new meaning in life, growing up, and beginning a journey that will define you as a person.
  • Happy 18th birthday to the youngest adult! Adulthood will sound scary but don’t be scared. It’s a confusing time that you’ll understand as you keep getting older and older. You’ve grown up into a perfect man and you’ll keep being the perfect man in future! Here’s to a perfect life and an amazing time ahead!
  • Happy 18th birthday to my dear nephew! It’s finally time that you grow up! It’s all so exciting that you can hardly believe it but it’s all the reality. You’re finally a man and you will step into the shoes of adulthood! Best wishes for your year ahead!
  • Here’s to having spent an amazing 18 years, and to spend an amazing 80 more! Happy birthday my young adult!
  • The happiest birthday wishes to the newest adult! You’ve finally gone from being a kid to a man, and now you will begin life as a grown man. Don’t worry, everyone’s here for you to support you! We’re all rooting for you!
  • Happy 18th birthday! You must be confused about adulthood, I’ll explain in the simplest words. As a kid you don’t eat too much chocolate because of your mom. As an adult you don’t eat too much chocolate because of the doctor! Happy adulthood!
  • Hey there champ! Happy 18th birthday. You’re now an adult! Isn’t it exciting? It’s the most important year of your life to set up your future! Enjoy and make sure you make the most of it. Your first steps into adulthood mark which road of life you’ll take.

Happy Birthday Images For Nephew

For an uncle and aunt, their nephew is the sweetest and most handsome boy in the world. Share these best happy birthday images with your Nephew. Make him know how much his uncle and aunt love him.


Share this beautiful pic of a delicious cupcake with your Nephew on his birthday

Happy Birthday balloon images for nephew
Happy Birthday balloon images for nephew

Share this happy birthday image with balloons on the birthday of your Nephew he will definitely like all these happy birthday images on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Day Nephew wishes from Aunt
Happy Birthday Day Nephew wishes from Aunt
Happy Birthday to you Nephew
Happy Birthday to you Nephew


Happy Birthday Dear Nephew Heart Image
Happy Birthday Dear Nephew Heart Image

Love for a nephew comes directly from your heart. Send these happy birthday images to your nephew.

Happy birthday memes for Nephew

Share some happy birthday memes with your naughty nephew on his birthday. These happy birthday memes are so funny and these memes will be definitely liked by him.

Why your Birthday Cake is Black? Nephew Birthday Meme
Why your Birthday Cake is Black? Nephew Birthday Meme
An Occasion to smile, Happy Birthday Kid
An Occasion to smile, Happy Birthday Kid
Happy Birthday Nephew, you must be looking for Gifts
Happy Birthday Nephew, you must be looking for Gifts
Happy Birthday Nephew, Just focus on Party
Happy Birthday Nephew, Just focus on Party
Let's Make it Royal Birthday Nephew
Let’s Make it Royal Birthday Nephew

If you are comfortable in drinking with your nephew than send him this funny image of Royal uncle.