National Grandparents Day Quotes & Images

Grandparent’s Day is celebrated so you can take out time from your busy lives and spend some time with your aging grandparents. Our grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. Try recalling your childhood and think of all the times when they spoilt you and gave you everything you asked for!

Remember the yummy food and the piggy back rides?

Your parents may scold you from time to time, but your grandparents will never disappoint you! To them, you are more special than their own children.

This grandparent’s day, be thankful to God that you have someone as special as them in your life. Take a minute to thank them for their undying love and support. Connect with them and make sure they are happy and content in their lives. Spending just a few hours with them will leave them smiling for days to come! Also when you visit them, do share some lovely messages with them. Here are some:

National Grandparents Day Quotes

  • Grandparents are like vitamins. A child cannot grow without them! I love you grandpa and grandma!
  • You are not just my grandparents. You are my parents, my friends and my teachers. Everything I know if because you taught me so! Happy grandparent’s day!
  • I wish my parents were as cool as you are! You definitely inspire me to reach your level of awesomeness each day! Happy grandparent’s day!
  • Thank you for all the chocolates, sodas and cakes! You are the reason behind all our childhood memories! We all love you.
  • Thanks for giving me such beautiful parents! The values you shared with them are now being passed on to me and I couldn’t be more grateful! Happy grandparent’s day.
  • You make this world seem more magical with all your story sessions before bedtime! Thank you for bringing magic into my life!
  • The best place to be when I am sad is in your lap. You have the ability to lighten up my mood instantly. Cheers to you!
  • Here’s wishing my favorite grandparents, a day full of love, laughter and joy! We all love you and miss you every day.
  • I will let you in on a secret, today! You are dearer to me than my other grandparents. I love you!
  • You are both getting younger with each passing day! I pray to God that you remain as youthful, lively and naïve all your lives. Happy Grandparent’s day!
  • Thank you for being my piggy back ride, my scooter, my hero, my makeup teacher and my story teller grandpa and grandma! Wishing you a very happy grandparent’s day!
  • A very special day for a very special couple! You two are the anchors of this family. All your children love you so dearly!
  • Thank you for all the summer vacations that we spent in your house! You always welcomed us with open arms and made sure we were always smiling! We love you!
  • Grandparent’s day is just an excuse to celebrate you! You two are the most special people in our lives and we think of you and miss you every day!
  • Love is the greatest gift that you could have ever given me. I hope to reciprocate some of it today! Happy grandparent’s day!
best Grandparent's Day Quotes
best Grandparent’s Day Quotes
  • My happiness becomes grand
    when I am with my grandparents.
    Happy GrandParent’s Day
best Grandparent's Day Quotes
best Grandparent’s Day Quotes
  • Thanks for giving us the
    fruits of your experiences
    and shadow of your pampering.
best Grandparent's Day Quotes
best Grandparent’s Day Quotes
  • The softness in talk, the kindness in your nature and the warmth of your love makes both of you the best grandparents of the world
Grandparent's Day Quotes
Grandparent’s Day Quotes
  • When you are in pain, some people will just look at you,
    But your grandparents will look after you.

National Grandparents Day Images

 Grandparents's Day picture
Grandparents’ Day picture
 Grandparents's Day picture
Grandparents’ Day picture
Grandparents's Day imagesGrandparents's Day images
Grandparents’ Day images
Best Grandparents's Day images
Best Grandparents’ Day images
Best Grandparents's Day picture
Best Grandparents’ Day picture

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