How to Say Thank You When Someone Compliments You

Since childhood, we are often taught by our parents to say “Thank You” whenever some give us a compliment, praises us for our doings or shower us with gifts. In fact, the teaching of parents to a child to say “Thank you” is so common that in public places you often hear this term. Moreover, the utterance of the word- “Thank you” is very common at school, colleges, and workplace or party gatherings. Usually a quick or humble “Thank you” is uttered by the child and the parents are usually satisfied. The art of saying “Thank you” must be taught at a young age so that you can have this habit even when you grow up. Being thankful to those people who have often appreciated our work is very important for us to lead a happy and peaceful life.

You must believe in accepting compliments since this important in your life. You must accept the good and bad compliment at the same time so that you can improve yourself even better.  Every day, in our life we receive compliments from our relatives, friends, and co-workers. When we receive good compliments, it meant that they admire us, love us, respect us or they have liked our work or achievements.

How to Say Thank You When Someone Compliments You

Getting compliments inspires us to perform better and also be a humble person in human nature. A lot of hard work is done while doing a certain job. When you successfully complete that job and get the nice compliments from your admirers, parents, boss, or loved ones when you feel very happy and cheerful. Moreover, these compliments will diminish all the pains you have endured while completing that job or task. Hence, it will also give you the inspiration to concentrate more on your work and goals. However, those compliments which have inspired you and praised your hard work will stay in your memory forever. These compliments will continue to inspire you more. Moreover, when a known person does something great, then it is also your duty to appraise them, compliment them and encourage them.

Thank you dance
Thank you dance

Suppose, you receive great compliments from your social circle in form of e-mail and messages on social networking sites like FaceBook. Then, won’t it feel great if you accept that compliment and respond then with a humble “Thank you”? You can also respond them by saying “Thank you for your compliment”, “thank you for your kind words” or “thank you for your appreciation or I really love it” and so on. Moreover, your way of saying “Thank you” should be more ornamental so that it gives a good impression to that person who has complimented you. You can add some beautiful and heart touching responses and words to make your way of saying “Thank You” for a compliment more special. Giving a compliment in exchange for another compliment helps in building good relationships and effectively nurtures the relationship or associations for the future too. Saying a “Thank You” is easy. But if that term is expressed with feelings and emotions then it will feel very special to the compliment giver.

Tips to Write Thank you Note

Here are few tips to write a decent Thank you note which truly connect your genuine appreciation towards the people who have complimented you.

  • Send the Thank you note as soon as possible. Do not delay since it is good to express your feelings quickly.
  • Send the note in an old-fashioned way like via letter, greeting cards or in a mail or posting on Facebook.
  • If you are sending via card then it must be written in your own handwriting.
  • Be specific and honest while thanking them. You must also mention the reason behind why you’re thanking them.
  • Be brief and to the point using phrases like “Dear”, “thank you for the” or “Sincerely…”

How to Say Thank You When Someone Compliments You

Examples of How to Write a Thank You Note the Customary Way

Giving thanks to a compliment giver in case of family occasions.

I just love the huggable baby cap you gave me at my baby shower. This is the most adorable gift I have ever received. I can’t wait to see my baby wearing that cap.  I know she will love it. Thank you for making my baby shower a special one.

Giving thanks in the workplace.

Team-mates like you make it easy to achieve the tough milestone because of your tremendous support. Thank you for the sweet compliments in your greetings letter which has been presented to me.

Letter to a man who has complimented him for his help.

We are a family and there is no need to say thanks to me. Whatever I have done was my duty. Thank you for your concern.

Reply to a compliment received from an uncle on winning a race.

Uncle, I was pleased when you’re supporting and encouraging me on the sports ground. Thank you for supporting me all the way. You have given me the inspiration to work harder and achieve my goals. Please accept my heartiest thanks and keep on encouraging me further.

Reply to a boss for appreciating his worker’s project.

Thank you for your heartfelt generous words and appreciating my project and hard work.  Your kind words have inspired me to take more projects in future and complete them successfully.

Reply to a teacher from a student for doing well in exams.

It was your constant attention and good teachings for what I have achieved in my school exams. Thank you for your support and for your blessings I will work even harder and do well in my studies.