Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad – Quotes, Images and Memes

Hi guys, here we bring you the great collection of birthday wishes for your dad. Dad is the one who sacrifices a lot for us but never claims and never lets us know about his pain. So it becomes our duty to make him feel special on his birthday. A child and father’s relation is one of the best relations in the world. Father’s love is unconditional and selfless. Whenever a child wishes for anything, a father always tries his best to fulfill the wishes of his child.

There is a significant role of a father in his child’s personality development. In addition to the mother, the father also has an equal contribution to child’s upbringing. And, therefore children are also very much attached emotionally to their father. If they realize that their father is not feeling good, they too start feeling bad about it. On the other hand, if children see their father in a good mood, then they also start feeling good.

So, remember all the love your father gave to you while wishing him on his birthday. This section is solely dedicated to happy birthday to Dad wishes. You guys will surely like our collection of happy birthday wishes for dad.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Dad

In these happy birthday quotes for dad, you will find all the emotions of a father-son and father-daughter relationship. For a son father’s attention and love is different and for a daughter fathers’ care and affection is different in its own ways.


So, we are bringing you the great collection of happy birthday Quotes for dad.

Dad gets a very less time to spend with their children,
but when they have they know how to compensate for the rest.

Happy-birthday-quotes-for-dad-baby (1)

This is a beautiful pic of a father feeding his daughter. Moments spent with dad are always priceless.

 A dad is son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love


Dad is the hero of the family. This is a beautiful quote for dad.

Whatever tough situations he was facing,
My dad always used to act like a kid and play with me


A dad always hides all the worries of his life in front of their child. A beautiful birthday quote to be sent on dad’s birthday.

For all your love and care for us we say thank you .You have filled our life with happiness.


A dad does a lot of sacrifice for us from our childhood to we become independent. A beautiful quote depicting the same situation.

We thank you dad for enlightening our life with happiness and joy.


Dad makes all the efforts to make our future bright. And enlights our life with happiness and joy. This is a beautiful happy birthday quote for dad.

Dad, you have always been supportive and caring to me,
I can’t express I much I love you,
Happy Birthday Dad,
May you get lots of happiness and success in your life

Happy Birthday wishes for Dad From Son Quotes & Images

Happy Birthday dad from son image
Happy Birthday dad from son image

My father is my strength, my great supporter,
Wishing you lots of love and luck to you Dad,
Happy Birthday

Life seems easy with your support Dad,
You are my rock star, you are my world,
Happy Birthday Dear Dad

I have seen you struggling for long time,
But you never gave up,
You are my inspiration dad,
I love you,
Happy Birthday

You told me the real meaning of life,
You are my first and great teacher,
Happy Birthday to Dear father

Wish you a very happy birthday father
Wish you a very happy birthday father

I thank you for all the things you have done so far for me,
I have no words to express my gratitude and love for you,
I am happy and blessed to have you Dad like you,
Happy Birthday

 I don’t know why you believe in me & love me unconditionally,
But I promise I will never let you down dad,
On your special day,
I want to say ‘Thank You’ for everything,
Happy Birthday Dad

Some relationships are beautiful,
I share a strong bond with you dad,
I love you and wish you tons of happiness,
Happy Birthday

Wishing you a fun filled day to my real hero,
I can’t express my love and feelings to you,
But I respect you more than anyone,
You always make me feel special,
You are the cutest dad in this world,
Happy Birthday

I am so proud that you are my dad,
You are honest, loyal, hardworking and funny,
You know how to live a life to the fullest,
Your presence is enough to feel our existence,
Happy birthday dad

Let me remind you that you are special to me,
On your birthday, I am missing you a lot dad,
You are always in my heart and mind,
Happy Birthday Dad

You are going to be bald,
You are going to be old,
You are going to be less stylish,
But, you will always be my superhero,
Wishing you a fun-filled and happiest day ahead,
Happy Birthday Dear Dad

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter Quotes & Images

Happy Birthday dad from daughter quotes
Happy Birthday dad from daughter quotes

Happy birthday to the sweetest dad around,
You are our superhero,
We wish you luck, health, and happiness.

A daughter shares a beautiful relationship with her dad,
I am the luckiest one to have such amazing and caring father,
You are more than a friend,
I love you, dad
Happy Birthday to world’s best PA

Dear Dad,

Your Birthday has always been special to me,
It reminds me of lots of childhood memories and your cuteness,
We share a cute and sweet relationship,
Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday images For Dad

In this section, we will provide you with all the happy birthday images on dad’s birthday. You guys will surely like all these beautiful images. These images are so elegant to be shared with your dad on his birthday these images will prove to be so special to your dad on his birthday.


This is beautiful happy birthday image for dad containing a beautiful birthday cupcake.

Happy-birthday-images-for-dad- (1)

This is beautiful birthday image for dad in the form of a greeting card.

Happy birthday dad from son and daughter
Happy birthday dad from son and daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad - Quotes, Images and Memes

Again a very Beautifull birthday image for the dad with birthday cake and balloons.

Happy-birthday-images-for-dad- (1)

A sweet birthday image with cake for the birthday of dad.

Happy Birthday father wishes image
Happy Birthday father wishes image

Happy-birthday-images-for-dad-wish (1)

A simple happy birthday dad message is written on this pic.

These pics are so beautiful to be shared with your dad on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Memes For Dad

In our day to day life, we hardly get a chance to spend time with our Dad because of his busy schedule. These memes on dad’s birthday will be a great chance to share a laugh with your dad.
These memes are so special to be shared with your dad on his birthday we are providing yo all of the best and trending happy birthday memes for dad.


This is a very funny meme for dad. Mostly our parents say “grow up”. But this meme for dad will surely bring a laugh on their face.happy-birthday-memes-for-dad (1)

In this picture of de Caprio is looking like a teacher who is explaining something. You can share this funny meme with your dad and he will surely laugh on this.Happy-birthday-memes-for-dad-vin (1)


 funny Happy Birthday Dad Memes
funny Happy Birthday Dad Memes
 Best Happy Birthday Dad Memes
Best Happy Birthday Dad Memes

More happy birthday wishes.

You guys will be amazed after watching all these happy birthday wishes for dad. A dad’s love is special for the kids. We provide you all the stuff here for absolutely free. And you may also like our other articles like happy birthday wishes for the brother, happy birthday wishes for sister, 50 best happy birthday memes. Keep visiting our website for more happy birthday wishes.