Here we are presenting you with all the happy birthday wishes which you can send to your mom. A relation with the mother is the most lovable relation in the world. She gives us birth, feeds us when we are a toddler, teaches us when we are a student and guides us when we enter the real world. She teaches us the values of life to make our life easy and happy. She is that one person who also takes care of all of our worries. And that is why she is the first person we call when we are surrounded by problems. We can forget anything in the world but our relationship with Mother.

In this article, we are providing you all the happy birthday wishes for mom. These are some of the best collection which will surely bring a smile to your mother’s face.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

  • Thank you mom, for unconditional love, infinite care and uncountable happy moments.Happy birthday, mom.
  • Mother’s are the most beautiful creation of God. He makes sure to be with us by giving us mom. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • No matter how old I get I will always be the same for my mother. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • Thank you mom for always supporting and loving me unconditionally. I love you. Happy Birthday.
  • It is all joys and wonders when a mother is around. She makes our life worth living. I am lucky to have you with me. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the person who taught me everything about life , joy , love and guided me when I had none of them. I can’t thank you enough for your existence in my life mom.
  • I do not know about others but I have surely got the best mother in the world. Happy Birthday.
  • Nothing seems difficult when a mother is around to hold and support. Happy Birthday.
  • My life has a meaning only because of you. You make it beautiful for me every day. Happy Birthday.
  • The sun might rise up from the west but the love for my mother shall never erase. Happiest Birthday, Mom.
  • Mothers are the angels God send to us. Happy birthday to my angel.
  • Happiest birthday to my mother, best friend, supporter and mentor.


  • No matter How old I become
    my love for mom
    will not decrease any how.
  • Happy birthday mom, you are a blessing to my life and the hope of my existence.
  • My past was happy due to my mom’s care,
    My present is Fantastic due to Mom’s love,
    My future will be Super awesome due to
    My mom’s blessings
    Happy birthday Mom
  • There might be many strong people in the world but I have never met anyone more stronger than you mom you are the one to whom I look up to. Yes you are very special, a very happy birthday mom
  • You are the best gift that god has given me.
  • There are superheroes but somehow you win over them every time, mom you are the most amazing person in my life and I love every bit of it, happy birthday.


  • For me, the best place in the world is my home. Because there I spend time with my mom.
  • You are like an angel guiding me through rough days and protecting me from danger. No one in this whole wide world can ever take your place, you are a blessing to me mom. A very happy birthday.
  • I like you for your love
    I respect you for your love
    you are the best mom in world
    Thanks for being so nice.
  • I wish a bouquet of happiness for the only flower of my life, happy birthday mom.
Happy Birthday Mom wishes
Happy Birthday Mom wishes
  • Thank You Mom For always being My Feel Good Factor. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday quotes for mom
Happy birthday quotes for mom
  • Mom’s love is Something I really respect,
    Because Nothing can be better than that,
    anything can’t replace it,
    and my everything starts with it.
    Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday mom cute images
Happy Birthday mom cute images
  • Congratulations on birthday to the best mom in the world.
    if I want to describe my love for you I fall short of words.
    Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday Mom background images
Happy Birthday Mom background images
  • I think you have the ability to do the difficult tasks better,
    you proved it right by being so nice mom with a naughty kid like me. Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday mom quotes
Happy Birthday mom quotes
  • The word “sacrifice” was not in your dictionary.
    It doesn’t mean you never did it.
    But you never expressed it.
    Love you so much, mom.

From Daughter

  • Every girl dreams of being like her mother. I am no different than those girls. I aspire to become like you one day. Thank you for always inspiring me. I love you, mom. Happy Birthday.
  • I may not be a perfect daughter, but I wish to be a mother like you mom , a very happy birthday to you mom.
  • I remember how you always told me stories about fairies and princesses. I treasure each memory you have given me with utmost pleasure. Thanks for making my childhood worth remembering. I love you, mom. Happy Birthday.
  • You painted my world with beautiful colours. I am going to be alright as long as you are by my side. Happy Birthday.
  • No matter what happens and who comes in my life. You will always be my number one priority. Happiest birthday, mom.
  • I believe in myself because of you. You make everything easy for me. Happy Birthday.
  • You have set an ideal example in front of me. You are an epitome of love, care and affection. Someday I wish to be exactly like you. Happy Birthday.
  • I used to mimic you in my childhood. My dream was to wear your dresses when I get old. I guess I can do that now. Hope you will let me wear them. Happy Birthday.
  • From listening stories from you to gossiping with you. A lot has changed with time except the love we have for each other. Happy Birthday.
  • Today is my favourite day because you were born. I thank God every day for sending you in my life. I love you. Happy Birthday.
  • You are my superwoman. How do you manage to be this awesome? Happy Birthday.
  • You are not just my mother but also a best friend to whom I spill all my secrets and let all my pain, thank you for always being there.
  • Dear mom, its never too late to wish a wish , I wish all your dreams come true.
  • No one shines like you do, even the stars above are jealous of you my dear mom. The most beautiful person I have ever met.
  • For someone who don’t believe in angels must meet my mother, really mom you are an angel sent specially for me.
  • Being a mother might be difficult but handling a daughter like me must be tougher , thank you for doing it so gracefully.


From Son

  • A son is always closest to his mother. I always heard about it until I grew old. I realised you are my only confidant and support system. Thanks for always believing in me, mom. I love you. Happy Birthday.
  • I was a notorious kid back in childhood but you handled me with such compassion and care. I owe my life to you. Happy Birthday.
  • I remember how you used to run behind me daily for little things. Those are the most precious memories of my life. Happy Birthday.
  • You have set my levels so high mom. I want my life partner to be your reflection but I know I can never find another you. Happiest Birthday.
  • Today I want to apologize for every mistake I have done in my life and irritating you. I am really sorry, mom. I promise to be a good kid. Happy Birthday.
  • If I could gift you one thing then I would fetch the moons and stars at your feet. You deserve all the love in the universe. Happy Birthday.
  • I cannot express how much blessed I am to have you in my life. You are my shining star. I love you. Happy Birthday.
  • Life may be full of crests and troughs but I don’t care because I have got you by my side. Happy Birthday.
  • You are not only my mother but my best friend, mentor, supporter and my biggest critic. Thanks for all the things you do. Happy Birthday.
  • Without you I am nothing. You are the reason behind my being. Happiest birthday, mom.
  • To my best friend and my mentor, thank you for holding my hand while I fall and lending me your shoulder when I cry my heart out you are and always will be the best companion I can ever wish for, thank you mom.
  • Even though you are plus one today you are and will always be the most beautiful lady I have ever encountered in my life, love you mom.
  • Dear beautiful queen, thank you for being the wonder woman of my life, I will forever appreciate the wonderful mother you are. May you be always blessed.
  • I wish to spend most of my time with you mom, I love every bit of our conversations and your scolding. You are a blessing to me.
  • Dear mom thank you for handling a son like me with so much grace and beauty I love you and will always do.
  • A bouquet of happiness, joy and adventure to the woman who is the best and the first lady in my heart.

Funny Birthday wishes for Mom

  • Hi Mom, I hope you are excited about your day as much as we are. Happy Birthday. Love, from your sons.
  • As you are turning old I hope you would stop scolding me from onwards. Happy Birthday.
  • This is a sweetest reminder to let you know that you have turned a year older. I still love you the same. Happy Birthday.
  • On this day I aspire to cook like you. I know I am going to fail miserably but bear with me. Happy Birthday, mom.
  • Do you know you are a legend? Yes, you are because you gave birth to a rock star. Happiest birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, mom. I wonder how age is turning backwards in your case. You look much younger than before. Do share your secrets with me.
  • Smile as much as you can because after a few years you wouldn’t have your teeth. Happy Birthday, mom. Don’t beat me, please?
  • Happiest birthday to the luckiest mother on this earth because she has me.
  • Our genes are fabulous. Thanks for passing me only your pretty traits. Happy Birthday, mom.
  • You are a true rock star. I wish I be exactly like you at your age. Happy Birthday.
  • Adding an extra piece of cake to you plate means your doctor will be adding an extra pill to your regimen mom. Happy birthday.
  • Mom you ae simply gorgeous, I am glad it got passed to me. Happy birthday to my dear lady.
  • Thank you mom for giving birth to this legend, and a very happy birthday. Love you mommy.
  • Happy birthday mom, I promise to gift you clean rooms, tidy bed, and managed wardrobe.
  • Mom you are my lifebuoy, protecting me from everything evil, I wish you a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday images for mom

In this section, we will provide you all the happy birthday images for the mom. Take a look at all these happy birthday images for the mom. These images will be a very special gift for them. You guys will surely like all these images for mom on her birthday.

Happy birthday mom images
Happy birthday mom images
Happy birthday mom best images
Happy birthday mom best images
best Happy birthday Mom images
best Happy birthday Mom images

Happy- birthday-mom images

Happy- birthday-mom images

A very nice happy birthday image with a very nice message on birthday to mom.

Happy- birthday-mom images

This is a very beautiful happy birthday image to be sent to mother on her birthday.


Happy- birthday-mom images

Mom is everybody’s favorite and everybody says that his or her mother is the best in the world.

Happy- birthday-mom images

A very nice birthday image for mom in the including balloons and gifts for mom.

Happy birthday mom wishes with cute pattern Back groundi mages
Happy birthday mom wishes with cute pattern Background images

We hope you guys like all these happy birthday images for mom. These images are simple yet attractive to be sent as happy birthday image for the mom.

Happy Birthday mom memes

We share lots of memories with our moms and in this article today we will bring to you all the happy birthday mom memes. From our childhood,  she always tries to bring a smile on our face. These are very nice messages on birthday. These memes will definitely be liked by your mom.

Happy birthday wishes
Happy birthday wishes


Mom Saying stop behaving like kids memes
Mom Saying stop behaving like kids memes
Happy birthday To Mom funny wishes
Happy birthday To Mom funny wishes
Happy birthday mom best mems
Happy birthday mom best mems

happy-birthday-memes-for-mother (2)

This is a very nice happy birthday meme of Donald Trump for the birthday of the mother. Sharing happy memes with the mother will increase the enjoyment of the birthday.

Here is a very nice image of a kitten on the birthday of the mother. Toddlers some time give the same kind of reaction.

happy-birthday-memes-for-mother (2)

Again a very funny meme on mom’s birthday.

happy-birthday-memes-for-mother (2)

When we think about the will smith automatically a smile comes on our face. A very nice happy birthday meme for mom.

happy-birthday-memes-for-mother (2)

A very good pic of Donald Trump as a happy birthday meme.

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