50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Childhood is one of the happiest phases of life. It is the time when a human is happy and carefree. Every small thing makes the children happy. The child just wants to be happy and want to have fun. They are never bothered about anything in the world. They find their own ways to be happy. Birthday is also the happiest moment of their life.

Here we are providing you all the happy birthday wishes. You can Send and share these beautiful and cute birthday wishes to the kids around you. Make them special on their birthday with these beautiful birthday wishes. They will remember all these special birthdays wishes throughout their life. Moreover, you can make a good impression on the kids of your house. Share all these birthday wishes to the kids of your family. We can understand how special it feels when someone sends us happy birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Very Happy Birthday wishes to the cutest child. May you be happy every day of the same fun and enjoyment. Happy Birthday Kid

Hey Kid, may your birthday be filled with joy and Happiness. May you get a lot of gifts on your Birthday. Happy Birthday Kid

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Happy Birthday to the naughty kid. You are too awesome. May God Bless you on your Birthday. Happy Birthday Kid

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Well, you always do naughty things at other’s birthdays. And I know it is difficult for you to stay calm on your birthday. Happy Birthday Kid

We wish Happy Birthday to the loveable, Kissable, Huggable kid of the world. Love you Kid. Happy Birthday Kid

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Happy Birthday Kid, Your sweet kiss on cheeks is sweeter than the Birthday cake. Stay Blessed.

Have a great birthday my honeybunch. May you achieve great milestones and discover endless opportunities.

My little kid girl, on your birthday have loads of smile and fun. Enjoy your birthday party greatly.

You are the evidence of God’s miracle in my life. I cannot imagine happy I was when you came to my womb. You have completed me. Let’s celebrate your birthday with a blast. Happy Birthday dear kid.

Your presence gave us happiness and the reason to smile every day. You have brighten up our life. We are blessed to have you as our first child. Happy Birthday dear.

Life is full of wonders and trials. On your birthday, I wish that you have all the strength, tolerance, expertise, and valor to face the life’s struggles.

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

This is your special day. Feel like the king for one day. Do whatever you want to kid. Enjoy the moment.

Inspiring/Motivational Birthday wishes for Kids

Here are some Inspiring/Motivational Birthday wishes for Kids

A Birthday is the time to echo the gone time and embrace another year to set goals and try to complete it.

“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories”. – Buddy Valastro 

“What is special about your birthday?
It is like Christmas and New Year’s all rolled into one.
You get gifts to open and inspire you so
to celebrate your birth that happened, oh so long ago.”
– Catherine Pulsifer 

“A birthday is a time to rejoice, to remember that one is living for a purpose and that purpose is more about giving to others than it is about receiving”- Byron Pulsifer 

Happy Birthday dear Kid, This birthday wish is just to make you realize that dreams seen with closed eyes are forgotten very soon. But, dreams seen with open eyes are quite real and your mind must be ready to make it true.

Happy birthday dear child, may this birthday brings all the power and knowledge to easily face all the life challenges. Stay blessed and enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

Cute birthday wishes for kids

Here are some of the cute birthday wishes for kids. These are:

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

My love towards you is immense my little kid! You are cute, smart and handsome. I cherish every moments of seeing you grow up. But I also fear that you are growing too fast. Happy birthday son.

All kids of the town are invited as we are having the biggest and the grand party in the town. It is the birthday celebration of my cute children. Happy Birthday my sweet twins!

Waiting for your birthday was always my special day my child. You are an angel of my life which is sent by the God. I Love you my princess. Happy Birthday dear.

I am sorry if sometimes scold you or be strict to you sometimes. But this is for your own good dear. Mamma loves you so much. Happy Birthday my child.

Your birthday is the unique day for us which makes us wait for a whole year. It is a great journey. Happy Birthday my baby.

Birthday wishes for kid Girl

Here are the birthday wishes for kid girl. These are:

Happy Birthday to my cutipie

Hey Cutie Pie, many congratulations on your birthday. Have a remarkable birthday!!!

 My child, you are always in my heart and will be forever. Happy Birthday and may God bless you.

 My kid, you are best melody of my life. Happy Birthday my angel.

You are daddy’s little princess and will always be the same till time stands still. Happy birthday dear girl.

You are the source which have given us so much happiness with your cute smile for a lifetime. Happy birthday my little girl.

 Birthday Wishes for Kid Boy

Here are the birthday wishes for kid boy. These are:

Happy Birthday to the most coolest and funny kid I have ever seen. You also happen to be my best friend boy. I love you and heartiest wishes for your big day.

I am lucky to have you as my son, my dear child. Your loveliness and cuteness has made me spell bounded. Your birthday is a great day for us.  Happy birthday wishes for my lovely son.

May the almighty fill a lot of happiness and love for you in your life. Thank you for being my cute son. Happy Birthday dear.

You are a little bundle of joy to me and Dad. We wish that you be a dynamic son who excels in every phase of life! Happy Birthday kid!

You look same as your birthday cake, so sweet and cute!! Happy Birthday to my cute and sweet son.

Funny Birthday wishes for Kid

Here are the funny birthday wishes for kid. These are:

Happy Birthday Kid

Dear kid, your parents are always with you and ready to support all your dreams. Best wishes to you and please grow up soon!

You are my naughty cute monkey who madden me a lot, but you are still loved more than anything else in this world. Happy birthday my child!

Again it’s time to gulp up the ice creams, chocolates and goodies because it’s your birthday today! Happy birthday.

You are the apple of my eyes and the reason of my heartbeats. Love you baby. Happy birthday dear son.

May God sanctify you with all the power and strength to face the harsh world. Happy birthday kid!

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

We hope you guys will like all these happy birthday wishes for kids. These are the special wishes that are written uniquely for the kids. Send these happy birthday wishes to the kids in return they will give you their hundred dollar smile. You may also like our other articles like happy birthday wishes for son, Happy Birthday wishes for a daughter. And Happy Birthday wishes for Niece and Nephew. You will definitely like all these happy birthday wishes for kids.