20+ Birthday Wishes For Son From Mother

The birth of a son is the greatest event for a mother since she has waited 9 months for this event to take place finally. After carrying the boy fetus for over 9 months, and then suddenly his arrivals in the world starts with his first cry is the greatest and sweetest melody to hear from a mother. Hence, the crucial moment of a mother is her son’s birth and she will always remember that memory forever from the depth of her heart. She can never forget the birthday of her son and will do anything to make her son happy on his birthday.

Happy Birthday My Son

Here we have some of the best birthday wishes for son from mother which every mother of the world can use to wish her prince. These birthday wishes can be sent to your son belonging to age group from infancy to adulthood via greetings card inscribed message, e-mail or any other method of conveying the message.

Birthday Wishes For Son From Mother

Here are few best birthday wishes for your son which you can send. These are:

Happy Birthday son

Your arrival on your birthday has changed my life completely. Without you, my life is nothing. Happy Birthday son, mamma loves you.

God has sent me a great blessing in form of you. My son. Just like the first rain brings freshness to the environment.  Because of your arrival, my life is refreshed once again. Happy Birthday my dear son.

This is the celebration to remember that meticulous moment of your birth which was a happy occasion for me. Have a delightful birthday my dear son.

Happy Birthday Son from mother

On your birthday, I immensely thank the almighty to give me the privilege to be your mother. Let us spend our lives together worth the living. Thank you for being my son. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday ahead.

It is an honor and a pleasure to have you as my son. Let us spend the rest of the lives with sheer joy and prosperity. Heartiest birthday wishes for my dear son.

Having endless sweetness and happiness in life is always a miracle. Thankfully, you are the source of all that sweetness and happiness. Thank you for being unique. Have a best birthday my son.

Happy Birthday my Son i love you

You may be an adult now and the owner of your own dreams and aspirations. Though you are no longer a kid, but you are still my little baby boy who looks like plum cake. Happy Birthday my cute son.

Time indeed flies away soon and it is very short-lived.  However, for me you will always be my baby boy. Happy Birthday, my son.

Another year have been spent together and passed away. The loving and caring relationship we share with each other is to be remembered forever. Thank you for your co-operation to make our home heaven. On this birthday of yours I wish you lots of success and love in your life.

A song or a rhyme is not enough to express my heart’s song. My true affection towards you is a sweet thing. I am so glad that you are a part of me. Happy Birthday my son.

Watching you grow is a surprise and wonder to me. I still remember your first cry, the first smile, the first sulk, the first word said, and finally your first step taken with first fall and run. Thank you for allowing me to be part of all the first activities in your life. Happy Birthday my son.


My son rose up high on the sky and soar like an eagle. Have an amazing happy birthday.

Today is the beginning of another landmark in your life journey. Best wishes for a happy year ahead. With lots of love from your mom enjoy your birthday.

Though you marry and start a new life with your new bride, yet you will always remain in the special place of my heart.  You will always be my star! Best Birthday dear son.

Happy Birthday wishes for Son from Mother

As you get on on a new career, it is our desire that your dreams and aspirations will finally come true. Best Birthday, my son.