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Derin Falana – Cruising [Video]


As promised, Brampton rapper Derin Falana returns today with a new video titled “Cruisin”, and an extended version of the same track that adds a hefty 3 minutes of song, which includes a beat switch. “Cruising” features production from Po and Jordon Manswell, and additional vocals from WayCool’s Aiona, but as always it is Derin Falana that steals the show. His rapping tells celebratory stories of independence and the dismissal of training wheels, which Falana relates to his growing status in the rap game. He’s been known to kill a mic, but while this song still has some aggressive bars, it is mostly held back for something much cooler, as he kills this song softly, even utilizing his natural singing . This will be perfect for the brisk nights soon coming in a seasonal shift.

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