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Emay – Illah [Album]


With dense wordplay and complex rhyme schemes, Hamilton rapper Emay’s new album “Illah” is at the very least technically impressive, and with all things considered, a masterful piece of work. Each track is self produced and beautifully gushes in transition to the next, many tied together by similarly gloomy samples. Emay’s wordy raps explore a depth of subjects with a whole lot of introspection, but watch out, much of it could fly over your head if not given close attention. This is album has alot to discover, so I recommend you just go for a complete listen, it’s perfect for the dreary rainy days happening right now,.

Also, I’m looking for someone who would be interested writing here on The6Track, so I’m dropping that offer here first cause who ever’s reading this with genuine interest is probably a person I want writing here. Slide in my DM on twitter if your interested.

Favorite track: Israfil “angels trumpet” & Lilac

Available to download on Bandcamp