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Pressa – Press Machine [Mixtape]


After a slight push back, Pressa dropped his long awaited debut mixtape “Press Machine”, which comes at a good time with the new eyes he has on him from the opening slot on Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour, and buzz off successful singles like “Novacane”, “TBH” and “Deadmihanna”.

At times this project suffers from mixing problems and questionable auto tune use, but largely “Press Machine” is exactly what fans have been waiting for from Pressa. Songs like “Diamonds Dancing”, “No Stomach” and “Base Bat” are driven by his high pitched melodies and have a clear accessible sound, with the potential to push Pressa beyond his current standing. Much of this project is built around these catchy melodies, but the extent of how much you like this project may come down to how much you like his high pitched voice. Polarizing to say the least, his vocals have been known to divide the real fans from the fake, or in non-biased terms, the fans from the casual listener. Previously released tracks: “John Connor”, “TBH”, “Lavish” and “Deadmihanna” should serve as an indication to what side you stand with, but this project also does a good job of expanding his sound. Notably, the mixtape closes with a powerful “Dreams and Nightmares” type track titled “Red Fox”, that shows Pressa’s talent as a rapper beyond his knack for melodies.

Bottom line: This mixtape’s highest highs make up for the momentary lows, essential Toronto rap listen.