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Saam – PsychEval [EP]

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In the email submission of this project, Saam self-described her new EP as a “literal diary”, and that couldn’t be more accurate. Over PyscEval‘s 5 track run time she blurs the line between a confessional in the form of spoken word and indie RnB, each track holding its own individual story. True to the word diary, each song feels like a direct emotional release, that would be much harder shared with another human being, rather than a blank page.

The opening track is an intimate, and saddeningly one sided, conversation with her since passed away mother, that quickly gets deep, and heartrendingly real. “TimeBomb” describes Saam at the end of her fuse, as she speculates in frustrated speech about the minuscule event that will push her over the edge, lord knows I’ve been there. The remaining three tracks dabble in straight singing, straight rapping, and concludes with a liquored out trap ballad, all while still boasting incredibly strong songwriting from Saam.

In a sense this project feels invasive how open it is, but at the same time it invites you in to front row seat of her life and experiences. Overall incredible project.

Also available on Apple Music