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Dice Ailes – Otedola (Music Video)

Dice Ailes - Otedola (Music Video)

You ever stumble on a song like months after it gets buzz and get mad that you haven’t heard it before? Cause thats exactly what happened to me on this one, though I haven’t seen any coverage of this at all, local nor global, so I dont feel too bad. This is Afro pop singer Dice Ailes, a Brampton resident by way of Nigeria currently enrolled for study at York university. You heard me right, that means that at age 24 this guys has already traveled the world, perused higher education and launched what is sure to be the start of a long musical career. Tell me why this guy isnt being put on or even championed by local media? We have sizeable African immigrant populations, we love to tout our multiculturalism and so called immigrant inclusion, but we still wait until other people take notice of artists like this first.  THAT SHIT WEAK. You’ll see coverage of all his future releases, so long as he stays close, right here.